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DIY Your Own Kate Spade-Inspired Feather Clutch

We all know the saying: The right shoes can make or break an outfit. But we think arm candy plays a big role in your look, too. While a collection of bags, purses, and clutches can be a big investment, we show you how to make the look for less. This feather clutch DIY project is perfect for GNO or a dinner date!

Inspired by this chic Kate Spade feather clutch, I decided to make my own budget-friendly version. I like to save on trendy items like this one and invest in more classic pieces. I got my clutch from Marshall's, but any thrifted clutch will do. You can purchase faux ostrich feathers already sewed onto ribbon online in the same color as your clutch, which makes gluing on strips super-easy. I used one yard of ostrich feathers for an eight-inch clutch, but you can add more feathers for a fuller look. I had enough feathers for two layers of feathers on each side of the clutch.

DIY feather clutch

Materials: Clutch in your color of choice, 1 yard of faux ostrich feather garland, fabric glue, scissors

DIY feather clutch

1. Measure the length of the clutch, and cut a piece of garland that is just slightly longer than the clutch on both ends. I cut mine at about 9 inches. Apply a thick layer of glue on the ribbon attached to the garland, and press it firmly on the clutch. I found that it's easier if you work your way from the bottom up. Be sure the feathers of your first layer are long enough to cover the bottom of the clutch. I had enough feathers for two layers, so I put my first strip right beneath where the top layer will go. Hold your first layer in place for a few minutes while the glue dries. Don't worry if you get glue on the ribbon because it can be wiped off when it dries, but try to avoid getting glue on the feathers.

2. Next, for a second strip on the same side, measure and cut a strip of feathers and apply glue to the ribbon. Place this layer right above your previous layer. It should touch the very top of your clutch. Hold this layer in place while the glue dries. Repeat the process on the other side of the clutch.

DIY feather clutch

3. Once you have applied two layers on both sides, check the edges of your clutch and see if you need to add additional feather strips to cover any gaps. I added 2-inch strips on the very ends of the clutch on both sides (four 2-inch pieces).

That's it! I love how chic and fun this clutch turned out. I think it would look fabulous in a pale pink or white as well.

Did you like this DIY? See more projects by Amanda at Hammer and Heels.


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