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Make Your Own: Pom Pom Hat

Braids, scarves, and hats may be a quick fix for bedhead this winter, but the next time you go to cover up those flyaways, mix it up a little! DIY this luxe pom pom hat as a chic solution for bad hair days.

DIY Pom Pom Hat

This deep in winter, you've probably exhausted all your mane-taming options in the battle against Mother Nature. May we suggest something new? Cap off a look with this trendy DIY pom-pom hat. All it takes to up the luxe game of any baseball hat is a little poof of creativity. Repurposing a toddler's stocking cap and a wool baseball hat I found on the clearance rack, I was able to create an easy and affordable headpiece inspired by this adorable hat! Whether you rock lived-in curls, a low ponytail, straight locks, or anything in between, your hair will look great with this new winter accessory.

DIY Pom Pom Hat: Materials

Materials: Plain baseball hat, pom pom hat, needle and thread, scissors

DIY Pom Pom Hat: Step 1

1. Using a seam ripper or scissors, remove pom pom from stocking hat. (Don't want to repurpose your pom pom? Make your own with these simple instructions.)

DIY Pom Pom Hat: Step 2

2. Thread the needle, and bring it up through the inside top center of the hat; catch the center of the pom pom with each stitch. Pull thread tight so the pom-pom is secure. Do this 5 to 7 times to secure the pom pom to the center of the hat. Bring the needle through the underside of the hat, and tie off the thread.

Samantha McClelland

Samantha McClelland currently resides in Iowa as a full-time merchandise buyer. Before landing her job in the corporate world, she was itching for a creative outlet. After perusing many interior design, DIY, and fashion blogs, she created The Brunette One in July of 2010. The Brunette One is a collection of splendid things. A collection that includes Samantha's love of fashion; cataloging the latest trends and shopping tips, along with sharing her personal and street style inspirations. In her spare time, Samantha moonlights as co-owner and founder of StyleEsque, the director of communications for Go Blog Social and co-founder of Midwest Bloggers.

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