DIY Jewelry Projects You Need to Try Now

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DIY Jewelry Projects You Need to Try Now

Keeping up with each season's trends can be expensive, so why not try DIY-ing a few? We've gathered our favorite DIY jewelry tutorials from our very own DIY bloggers Sam and Kelly. The projects are easy, inexpensive, and so cute—from a hand chain to a vintage brooch cocktail ring to a gold leaf necklace. Get crafty and try your hand at some of these projects today!


Woven Cord Necklace



We’re all for packing some serious punch with bold colors, and we love how easy this piece is to customize based on the season or whatever bead trend is in at the moment. Our DIY blogger Sam created her multi-textured necklace with three different sizes of beads and two strands of woven cord—and it looks like something straight out of the store. Learn how to make your own here.


Bungee Cord Statement Necklace and Bracelet



Would you guess that these were made from bungee cords (yes, the same ones you use for a quick fix or to hold stuff in)? To us, they just look like adorable printed cords. Use whatever embellishment you please to add sparkle and interest. Our DIY jewelry blogger Kelly used gorgeous flowers with rhinestone centers to make the coolest necklace ever.


Statement Dangle Earrings



Kelly created these incredible statement earrings—think Banana Republic or Topshop—using pendants intended for necklaces and sparkly rhinestone shapes for the posts. Most of the materials she used came from a local crafts store, and she found the teardrop rhinestone shapes on Etsy. Get all the steps to make these statement earrings here.


Vintage Brooch Cocktail Ring (and Other Vintage DIYs)



What are grandmothers good for if not handing down their stories, traditions, recipes, and funky old jewelry? Kelly created these ahhhhhmazing cocktail rings out of vintage brooches and ring blanks. You’ll have something completely unique and a built-in conversation starter all in one! Get the ring directions here.


Hand Chain



Hand chains are totally hot right now, but sometimes these über-trendy hand-cessories can get pricey. But you don’t have to deal with that. Kelly created this simple, gorgeous hand chain from a gold chain and jump rings.


Crystal Necklace



This dainty crystal necklace catches the eye without being too loud. Kelly created hers with clear quartz crystals and a yellow gold chain, but you can choose whatever color combo you desire. Get all the steps here.


Pendant Necklace



The runways have spoken, and the pendant necklace is one of the hottest jewelry trends for spring 2015! Easily update any outfit with one of the many variations of this classic stunner DIY by using natural elements, vintage hardware, and, of course, a bit of sparkle. Make your own today.


Pearl Cluster Necklace



Pearls are one of the most iconic elements of jewelry, and they've really withstood all the fashion trends. Versatile, classy and feminine: What more do you need? Learn to make a DIY pearl cluster necklace that exudes all of these qualities with these simple instructions.


Vintage Bracelet



Another amazing way to repurpose brooches or earrings is to follow Kelly’s lead and make a cuff or bangle out of them. Find bracelet blanks at any crafts store, and use crafts glue to secure the vintage piece to the bracelet. Find all the steps here.


Copper Tubing Necklace



With only two materials—copper tubing and elastic ribbon—this statement necklace is the easiest DIY jewelry project you'll ever create. Plus, it sends off a casual tribal vibe that is totally on trend right now. You can customize your necklace by adding colored beads, pendants, or different colored pipes, but learn how to get started here.




Beaded Tassel Necklace



Jump on the season's summer tassel trend with this oh-so-simple jewelry DIY. With bright pink glass beads and bold-colored embroidery floss, this necklace is a perfect accessory for the hot summer months. If you don't consider yourself crafty, don't worry; this necklace can be created without any jewelry-making tools. Further instructions can be found here.


Dangly Chevron Earrings



With all the proper materials, you can make these DIY earrings yours, and with a little bit of creativity, you can make them your own. Like all DIY projects, these chevron dangle earrings are easy to customize—simply mix up the chevron shapes you choose! You'll find everything you need to get started here.


Labradorite Necklace



Crystals, geodes, sparkling druzy, and iridescent gems have been dominating jewelry recently, and now you can jump on the trend without breaking the bank! Make your own labradorite necklace to complete your raw-crystal jewelry collection. Check out the instructions here.


Vintage Earrings



Clip-on and screw-back earrings were all the rage just a few decades ago, and while the fasteners may not be in style anymore, the amazing designs of these pieces definitely still are. Kelly shows you how to make Grandma’s clip-ons wearable again here.


Raw Amethyst and Druzy Agate Rings



While you might appreciate raw gemstones for their magical allure, you should have some in your jewelry box for their beauty! Nothing makes a statement like a large, rough gemstone cocktail ring, and luxury designers are taking note. Follow this DIY ring tutorial to make a great piece of statement jewelry for a lot less cost than the designer versions.


Tassel Earrings



Long, bright tassel earrings are the perfect accessory for this year's upcoming summer wardrobe. Using this tutorial, make your own shoulder-dusting tassel earrings to dress up your favorite maxi dress. Celebrities have been rocking the tassel look, and now it's your turn!




Chevron or Bar Necklace



Chevron is everywhere these days, but this easy DIY necklace is a great way to integrate the trend into your ensemble without going overboard. Plus, it's so dainty that you can layer it other necklaces or just wear it on its own. Bookmark this tutorial before your next trip to the craft store.


Zodiac Constellation Necklace



With this fun zodiac constellation necklace, no one will ask you, "What's your sign?" ever again. Customize the necklace to match your astrological symbol or make one for your BFF! Either way, this playful take on the latest astrology trend is the perfect piece to add to your jewelry rotation. Learn more here.




Gold Leaf Necklace



The real reason we love DIYs so much is that we can make our own version of otherwise incredibly unattainable jewelry. Exhibit A: The $800 necklace on the left. This DIY was created in under an hour, so no excuses! Sam shows you how in this tutorial.


Chain Cascade Earrings



Edgy earrings like these are a must for any diverse jewelry collection! If you want to fill up your jewelry box without emptying your bank account, all you need to do is get creative. With some simple jewelry-making skills and supplies, these easy, versatile DIY earrings can be yours. Just follow these instructions.


Embellished Brass Cuff



Adorn your wrist with this embellished brass cuff bracelet just in time for festival season! Inspired by the understated pieces in Madewell's jewelry collection, this brass cuff bracelet will add just the right amount of embellishment to your stackable arm party. Check out these instructions.


Multi-Layered Statement Necklace



Big, layered statement necklaces are everywhere right now, with designer DYLANLEX pioneering the movement. We love their bold, multiple-necklace looks, but they also come with a hefty price tag. So, we decided to go a less expensive route, and breathe new life into some old necklaces! Start your project here.


Charm Bangle Bracelet



The latest bracelet craze is here, and you can DIY it. Inspired by Alex & Ani, these stackable and collectible charm bangle bracelets are the perfect addition to any arm party. Plus, you can customize your charms to document your hobbies and travels! Just gather up some beads and charms and follow these instructions.


Feather Earrings



It's time to retire your dainty earrings and step out with a pair of bold statement earrings made from one of nature's finest adornments: feathers. With this simple DIY jewelry tutorial, you can create a pair of totally customizable boho-chic earrings that'll look great all year long. Here's how to make them.



Ear Cuff



Ear cuffs are the ultimate ear adornments! They're like a statement stud for your entire ear. Wearing one (or two) of these bold, edgy earrings will make you feel like a confident fashionista, ready to take on the world. With a little help from recycled vintage sparkle and some jewelry supplies, DIY ear cuffs are easily within your reach. Get started here.


Friendship Bracelet



Remember those alphabet beads you used to use to make homemade bracelets with when you were little? Dig them out of the craft box—it’s time to make friendship bracelets again! DIY blogger Samantha from The Brunette One shows us how to make these “heartbreaker” bracelets in this DIY jewelry tutorial.