DIY Party Skirt: Fun & Flirty in Less Than 30 (Minutes)

by admin

DIY Party Skirt: Fun & Flirty in Less Than 30 (Minutes)

Stitching up a party skirt is easy to DIY with the help of some readymade yardage from the fabric store that comes pre-hemmed and with an attached elastic band.

As a lover of all things girly and glam, there is nothing that makes my heart skip a beat like a party skirt. Finding a way to DIY it? That's what I'm talking about!

I first discovered PARTYSKIRTS by Skot a few months ago. They've been widely popular in the fashion blogging community. When I saw this polka dotted skirt from their Teen Vouge collaboration, it was a swoon moment. But sadly, the price point was a bit out of reach. Then, on a recent trip to my local fabric store, I came across some readymade skirt fabric that came with elastic waistband attached and a serged hem. I picked up fabric in maroon with black polka dots as well as this black fabric with black dots. DIY party skirt, here I come.

Gather your supplies. You'll need:

  • 1-2 yards of fabric (I found mine at Jo-Ann Fabric)
  • Black thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

Here's how to make your polka dot party skirt:

1. Gather your materials. Determine your waist measurement, adding another inch to two for the seam allowance.
2. Turn the fabric inside out, matching the edges of the fabric together, and pin. Make sure to keep the pins horizontal (you can sew right over them).

3. Sew the edges together with a straight stitch, make sure to back stitch at the top and bottom of the seam to secure the edges. Remove the pins.
4. Trim any excess threads from the fabric. Turn rightside out and wear!

Please note: This isn't a circle skirt. Having the hem and elastic attached to the fabric determined the shape. If want more fullness, consider adding a layer of tulle under the skirt.

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and the finished skirt. Party on!

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