DIY Tassel Keychain

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DIY Tassel Keychain

Stop shopping and spending a fortune on gifts for your friends and family this year. Instead, spend a little more time and a little less money crafting the perfect stocking stuffers!

For the girl who seems to have everything, gift her a unique keychain with a decorative leather tassel. Some women tend to lose their keys in the abyss that most know as their handbag. With this tassel keychain, your gift recipient will always be able to spot her keys in the bottom of her purse!

The materials you’ll need to create your keychain are:

  • Scrap Piece of Leather
  • Gold Key Chain (local hardware store)
  • Heavy Duty Glue (meant for leather) or a Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Ruler or Tape Measure

This will project will cost you $10-15 and only take you about 30 minutes. Follow the step-by-step directions below to create your tassel keychain.

1. Gather your materials. Lie out your piece of leather or scrap fabric, trace and cut a rectangle the length and width you desire. Using a ruler and permanent marker, draw a 1- to 2-inch line across the width of the fabric from the top of the leather; this will be the top edge of the tassel. Cut a separate piece about  ¼-inch wide and 2 inches long for the loop handle using the same fabric.

2. Using your ruler, mark every ¼ inch the entire width of your fabric from the bottom. This will be the guideline for the tassel cuts.

3. Carefully cut your tassels up to the line you drew.

4. Take the piece of leather you cut for the loop handle and thread it through the clip handle. Make sure the raw sides are facing each other and add glue to the top edge of your fabric, above the marker line. Begin rolling from one end to the other; towards the beginning add in the loop and keychain. You may need to add more glue as you continue to roll. Using your leftover material, cut out a thin strip to use as a tie and double knot to complete the keychain.

5. Wrap up and set under the tree. This is a perfect gift for the girl on the go!

Here's a Pin-able version of all the steps for you! 

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