Do Not Call Kim Cattrall a Cougar – She Is a Real Lioness

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Do Not Call Kim Cattrall a Cougar – She Is a Real Lioness

Samantha, the most extravagant character of the super-popular TV show Sex and the City, is loved and admired by an army of fans. Adventurous and audacious, Samantha knows what she wants and is not afraid to challenge societal preconceptions. But behind the controversial fictional personage, there is an actress and a woman who made Samantha the one we know and love: Kim Cattrall.

Six seasons of the series and two feature films have enjoyed great success, and as a result of many, Samantha became Kim’s alter ego. In the eyes of general audience, the actress is almost exclusively associated with her voluptuous heroine, and now her actions, style, appearance, and personal life are looked at with reference to this starring role. It is not surprising that Kim has much in common with Samantha—you need to understand where your character comes from in order to play her as truthfully and realistically as Kim did. 

Men are one of the most significant lines of interests for the heroines of the movies. And finding one has never been a problem for Samantha. But unlike to most women in real life and in the movies, marriage is not Samantha’s life goal. By far. Used to living her life by her own rules, Samantha is not prepared to sacrifice her interests for a man’s sake. While she’s all for numerous brief infatuations, Samantha remains indifferent to marriage. Open to the possibility of love and embracing serious relationship, she does give her passions a chance to grow, thus taking a fair approach, but for as log as they do not threaten and interfere with the sense of her inner freedom.

That is when Samantha is alerted, as freedom is one of the very basics of her character. “I do love you, Smith—but I love me more,” she says, as she leaves her younger lover and a protégé.

At the age of fifty, Samantha takes a risky step. But for a woman who fears losing her integrity more than being alone and values herself more than anything else, it is step vital for self-esteem and self-respect. Loneliness is not a threat, despite the age, as long as she believes in her ability to attract and seduce, and believes in herself. 

The parallel between Kim and Samantha is striking. Having been married three times in the past, Kim enjoys her life and yet another marriage is not her goal. Over fifty herself, Kim takes pride in her age and battles against age discrimination in relationships. Like Samantha, she prefers younger men, because they accept women’s strength and independence more easily. Kim stood up for her heroine and herself and the woman’s pride in May 2010 when she said, “I take umbrage to the code ‘cougar.’ I think cougar has a negative connotation and I do not see anything negative about Samantha and her sexuality, sensibility, and choice. I do not think she stands or sits in bars waiting for young men to prey on her. And I think that’s something that people who are uncomfortable with strong women have labeled her.”

Named one of the “25 Most Intriguing People” in 2001 by People magazine, Cattrall is an elegant, classy, and captivating woman. She usually plays femmes fatales, women with a special thrill, secret, and charisma. In her most recent role of Amelia Bly in Roman Polanski’s art-house legal drama Ghostwriter, Kim remains youthful, elegant and mystical.

An outstanding theater actress, Kim will bring on stage the legendary Cleopatra in the upcoming theatre production in Liverpool, England. Without a doubt, she will shine in this role and bring her unforgettable grotesque actress qualities to Cleopatra’s character.

For many women, the actresses’ take on age is important. Well, Kim’s’ take on aging is wise and intelligent. With her role models being outstanding English actresses Helen Mirren and Judi Dench, who look great despite their age, Kim believes in elegant aging, where the key is being confident and happy in your own skin. And undoubtedly, Kim is!

Another parallel between Kim and Samantha is that both are independent, self-sufficient, and unwilling to play by the rules. Honest, open, and free, both women firmly stand by their beliefs. An amazing episode in the sixth season where Samantha delivers speech at the breast-cancer benefit dinner and takes off her wig beautifully illustrates her independence and proud personality and is almost in sync with Kim’s life, where the actress became the face of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign.

People often approach Kim for an advice. Kim replies with her life credo: “Rejoice in being yourself!” A motto Samantha would have definitely loved!

Art is an expression of who you are. Parts that I play are my sculptures.
—Kim Cattrall.