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Don’t Judge and Don’t Care What People Think of You

A girl walks in the room; everyone looks at her because of her clothes. She has the “emo-goth” look going on. Teachers judge her as a troublemaker. No one will come up and say hi to her, but she doesn’t care. She knows who she is. She knows why she dresses the way she does. She dresses that way because she wants to, because she likes to dress the way she does. It’s not because she’s a devil worshiper or that she cuts herself, it’s just because that’s who she wants to be. She’s not afraid to show people who she really is. People should accept the way she dresses and get to know the real her—the unique her.

Teens are judged everyday on how they look and dress. They are put into categories like prep, jock, emo, punk, goth, nerd, dork, etc.; it’s not right to do people that way. No one should be treated that way. I have friends that are all of the categories I listed and probably more. I try not to judge people by looks, but I am guilty of it in the end. To tell the truth I’m probably put in a category of an “emo/goth/dork” girl, but I’m not any of those things; I’m just me. Being me is all that should matter. When I was little and I had just started school it didn’t matter what you wore or how you looked. I had friends back then that I don’t now, and some of them have forgotten completely who I am. I’m like a shadow no one pays attention to, but I have friends. We do crazy stuff that gets people to look at us funny, but we don’t do it for attention. We do it because we aren’t afraid to show who we are.
Do you like to be treated like no one? No. Well then why do you do it? I’m making a vow to try not to judge people by looks. I have found that even preps are really nice people if you get to know them. Jocks aren’t always dumb. Dorks are really fun to be around. Emo people are adorably sweet, usually. Nerds aren’t always that nerdy. Who should care how people look or dress? They are people just like the rest of us and they have their own personality. Why should they treat them like dirt? Why do we, is a better question. I hope you take some thought about what you have read and think before you act next time.

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