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Dress Code

Most men who work usually hold themselves as being better than others when people are around. Men are braver than women. But, when men get sick, they want a woman who loves them. They act childish and helpless. Men always say they will not get married. It is thought among men, but you ask me, most likely they are ready to be married. When it comes to dressing in clothes, men get jealous. I don’t need thin thighs to marry a man. What I wear has nothing to do with my fashion and size. Being noticed by men is important. I want to give my relationship a chance to prosper when I find one. However, I do not dress for women or men. I dress for myself. Many women dress properly for men when they are not paying attention to their clothing. When I dress, I want to stir a man’s sexual imagination without satisfying his curiosity and body. However, when I dress I like solid colors or small print or stripes that will not detract the contours of my body. We all know our basic colors: black, white, red, yellow, and blue. Pink only if the style is sophisticated. Men love to see a woman in a shirt or dress (not slacks). If you wear pants, let them be solid. So ladies, get ready to wear fashion for those who are single. Change your dress code if you ready for a working man.

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