Dress Meets Sport

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Dress Meets Sport

We always thought we’d fall for the perfect man, the million-dollar man, or at the very least, the big man on campus. We’d meet, lock eyes, and live happily-ever-after in an apartment with very large walk-in closets. We never thought we’d be so enchanted by the quirky wiles of The Generic Man—that is, until we discovered that it’s a Los Angeles-based men’s footwear line.

In 2006, Brandon Day and Kevin Carney were stuck in your typical thirty-something existential crisis—evaluating what it really means to be a grown-up. The design duo created a case study and came to a not-so-shocking discovery: they were thirty-five years old and had zero interest in paying for high priced luxury goods. Calling themselves a generation of “new-dults,” the pair set off to create a, “thoughtfully-priced shoe with quality,” something that had “the simplicity of Vans and quality and design of Gucci,” Day reveals. Sounds like a pretty tall order.

But they delivered. The effortlessly cool Spring 2008 collection is made up of buttery-soft leather slip ons, dressy loafers and lace-up sneakers that are versatile and fashion forward. The “sportsman,” a welcome throwback to old school sneakers, is a funky high-top that comes in gold lame, shimmery black and classic leather. Made with honor, the “tuxsman” is a dashing take on classic oxford wingtips in black, gray, white, or navy, with patent leather details. The “naval” a sleek dress shoe with a mock lace front, is both debonair and carefree—go out on a limb and grab him a pair in copper metal or silver.

Day describes his customer as someone who is “confident enough to accept the simplicity of the shoe, yet understands quality of construction.” Sounds ideal. And kind of like what we’re looking for in a soul mate: sensible, comfortable, and of course, aesthetically pleasing to boot!

Eye-catching kicks for your guy that won’t break his piggy bank.

By Stephanie Castro

Photo courtesy of Gen Art Pulse