Easy Green Beauty Makeovers

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Easy Green Beauty Makeovers

Ready to update your look? The new season is a perfect time to clean out your medicine cabinet and swap out that old, chemical-laden make-up bag for some of the hottest natural cosmetics on the market. Making the switch may require some effort (after all, it may be hard giving up formaldehyde in your nail polish) but it will keep your skin, hair, nails and the planet looking and feeling great! Here are a few tips to get started:  

Healthy Hair How-Tos. There’s nothing like an updated color and style to make you feel brand new, but chemical processing and heat can wreak havoc on your hair and body. Take better care of your hair by booking an appointment with a professional coiffeur like Johnathan Gale at John Frieda in L.A., who uses organic hair color and conditioning treatments on his celebrity clientele. Or, care for your hair at home with Dr. Hauschka’s organic and biodynamic shampoos and conditioners. Their world-famous Neem Hail Oil is perfect for protecting, conditioning and actually strengthening hair before and after coloring or relaxing. And to keep your color from fading between visits, avoid shampoos with hair stripping chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate. Pureology and Lanza are SLS-free and have botanicals that help color last up to 107 percent longer. Worried about thinning hair? Chemicals in shampoos can worsen the condition, so try Your Crown and Glory For Thinning Hair shampoo and conditioner, which is SLS and paraben-free.

Sustainable Skin. Any make-up artist will tell you that flawless skin is the first step to creating beautiful make-up, so take care of the skin you’re in by eliminating toxic chemicals from your daily regimen. For all skin types, try Jurlique, whose biodynamically grown herb-based cleansers and tonics work with your body’s natural rhythms to heal and balance the skin. Bonus: All of their products come in eco-friendly packaging. For maturing or aging skin, Sophyto’s new line of organic skin treatments contain fruit enzymes that offer a more gentle exfoliation alternative to damaging acid peels and dermabrasion. And to clean up both your body and the planet, try Save Your Body’s new line of organic Yerba Maté and Aloe Vera infused bath and body products. Each tropical-smelling shower gel, shampoo, and lotion sold saves one acre of rainforest for an entire year!  

Natural Nails. Allow your nails to emerge from a blistery winter with Sparitual’s sophisticated line of vegan, eco-friendly nail polishes. Unlike most nail polishes, which contain formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (a.k.a. dibutyl phthalate, a plasticizing agent and reproductive toxin linked to birth defects that’s currently banned from cosmetics in Europe), Sparitual’s polishes and chakra-specific spa treatments are made from wildcrafted and organic plant essences, and free of toxins and synthetic dyes. And even though their products are so darn conscious, there’s no need to sacrifice color: with hundreds of perfect shades for every color palette, you’ll still be able to stop traffic this spring with your favorite flirty shade of red, apricot, or pink. Bonus: Sales of their new spring color, Aware (a vibrant coral), will benefit the Go Green Initiative, an environmental stewardship program for schools. Other lines to try: OPI, whose nail lacquers are all formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene free.

Natural Make-Up.
 Let your natural beauty shine this season with Rituals new line of make-up made with pure silk leaves and precious stones that have absorbed the earth’s energy over millions of years. Their products include eye shadows, lipsticks and foundations made from gemstones like amethyst, and are free of animal testing and added fragrances with little to no preservatives. My favorite: The Pure Beauty Lip Gloss enriched with sparkling ruby, which provides will-power and stimulates blood circulation for a healthy glow and a perfect pout. 

And with Dr. Hauschka, there’s no need to sacrifice healthy skin to look your best. They offer a complete line of all-natural cosmetics made from pure mineral pigments and nurturing botanicals that actually improve the quality of your skin. My favorite: The Mascara Intermezzo made with soothing Neem leaf extract, which conditions the lashes so they grow longer and stronger.

De-Tox for Beauty Inside and Out. Over time, your body stores environmental toxins that prevent it from functioning properly, which can lead to low energy, headaches, mental fogginess and disease. According to traditional medicine practices, proper diet alone is not enough to eliminate these stored toxins which accumulate in our digestive systems. Spring is a perfect time to give your inner body a boost with a whole-body cleanse, which will clean, nourish and support your digestive system for good health. Try Symmetry’s BotanaCleansePlus, a two-week cleansing system that detoxifies your entire body. When taken properly, it can even help your lose weight or clear up problem skin! Tip: Consult your naturopathic doctor before beginning any cleansing regimen, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water to aid the detoxing process.

And if you’re looking to detox your mind this season, try Emmet Fox’s Seven-Day Mental Diet. Even one day on this positive thinking regime could do wonders for your outlook on life.