Effect of Color on Mood

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Effect of Color on Mood

Colors of clothes: Choose warm colored clothes like red, yellow and orange to give you extra energy and relieve tiredness. Orange color creates optimism and at the same time acts to heal grief and disappointment. Yellow clothes and accessories encourage more laughter, joy and fun in your life. Warm color also makes your skin glow and work to attract other people, making you feel more vibrant and sociable.

Happy Interiors: Color in the home or workplace is a big factor on productivity. Choose warm, vibrant shades for furnishings as part of your energizing strategy. Paint the kitchen a glowing yellow to add cheer and inspire your cooking experience. Solid red or orange walls in a room can be overpowering, but you can easily splash accents of these shades in a room to increase mental clarity. Light green shades also have a livening effect.

Mood foods: The intensity of colors when it comes to natural food is also important. Bright colored fruits and vegetables is not only visually appetizing but is also contains more antioxidant and nutrient contents than it pale colored counterpart. Choose passionate foods – red strawberries, raspberries, grapes and cherries, blueberries, orange carrots, beets and pumpkins, yellow peppers and squashes. Organic foods, grown without additives, are best.

The Color that raises your body temperature instantly: Need a help during winter season? To feel warm fast choose a festive red sweater or crimson bracelet. Just seeing a flash of the fiery shade can physically warm you from head to toe. That’s because, when the eye glance at red, neurotransmitters signal the body to strengthen blood flow. And since circulation is the key to keeping warm, every part of you will stay warm.

Therapeutic effect of color. Color is much more than a treat for our senses it is also very therapeutic. In fact, many color therapists and spa owners incorporate color into healing and wellness. They say that colors have varying energetic frequencies that affect us on mental, emotional and physical levels.


is a color of purity, innocence and cleanliness that is why brides, doctors and nurses wear white. White is also a summer color because wearing white keeps you cool and contrasts bright colors of spring and summer nicely.
Blue is a calming, relaxing color. Blue color is ideal for bedroom. When combined with green, blue exudes a natural atmosphere in a room.
Green a color that represent nature, it is a calming and refreshing color. Green is easy on the eye, and studies suggest that it may even improve vision! Green suggests prosperity and symbolizes fruitfulness.
Pink is a very gentle and innocent color that is why it is used in the decorations and room decor for little girls. Pale pink is a relaxing color making its wearers more approachable
Yellow is the color of sunshine, it has a happy, uplifting aura. However, yellow can also be the color of sadness and cowardice.
Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, so it has all the warmth and comfort of those colors. Like yellow, orange is intellectually stimulating, but also signifies warmth, energy, change, and health. Like red, orange is very stimulating, but orange (and especially peachy orange) is less aggressive and more soothing.
Red is a fiery color it represent passion and hatred. Red is a color of luck, that’s why some people want red wallet and Chinese wears red clothes on special occasion. Red also represents power; thus the use of it for celebrities on the red carpet and red ties for powerful executives. It also a conversation stimulant.
Purple color represents royalty, luxury, wealth, sophistication, and spirituality.
Brown is an earth color. Shades of brown symbolize simplicity, reliability and structure, so it’s an ideal shade to wear in the office.
Black absorbs light and it is the most stylish, classy, and timeless color in the world of fashion. This legendary status may be in part due to the fact that black makes people look thinner. Dramatic black is often worn by creative types, and in our commercial society, black is the color of authority and power.