Extreme Makeover vs. Real Makeover

by admin

Extreme Makeover vs. Real Makeover

A woman’s true beauty radiates from her heart. If it does not show on the outside yet, it is waiting to be revealed and expressed through her clothes, makeup, and hair. The heart holds the potential of her unique beauty. 

Where is the heart in the TV makeovers? 

How can the producers know what beauty is lying dormant waiting to be expressed when they work only on the outside? 

What happens after the cameras move on? What goes through the mind of the one who wakes up and looks in the mirror to see someone else—someone whom her heart does not recognize? What happens to her sense of self? Her connection with her family and friends? How long does it take her to become acquainted with them—with herself? 

Am I the only one who shudders at the thought of the extreme makeover; who wants to cry at the loss of the possibility of a unique beauty? 

How much more loving to gently lead this person through a process of a real makeover—a makeover that might take months or even a few years. Yes, she might need dental work, but not a new set of teeth that are too white for her coloring, and perfectly formed when her face has a mysterious asymmetry.

Yes, she might fit into clothes better with a tummy tuck, but where will she get the counseling to change her eating patterns so the excess fat will not return? 

Who will teach her how to dress for her new body? She has one outfit for the television cameras, but what does she have in her closet? 

Where does she begin? 

How much more loving and humane to first find out who she is: her dreams, her passions, her life. Then gently lead her to discover the beauty waiting to be called out. 

Her body is her signature. 

She can learn to see the beauty in it and make clothing choices that showcase it. It matters not how large, small, short, or tall. If she learns the universal principles of proportion and balance, and creates a harmony and a unique rhythm in her clothes and body, she can have an outstanding and truly individual beauty. Then comes makeup lessons, a great hair cut, practice to maintain it— shopping to create a wardrobe that supports her goals and lifestyle, clearing out everything that does not.

This gentle, long term approach is lasting and frees her to step into her beauty. It gives her time to accept on a deep soul level who she was designed to be. She becomes a vital and real person not a pawn of a producer who wants to create audience excitement.