Fashion Advice: Wide Calf Boots

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Fashion Advice: Wide Calf Boots

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I really need your help. Even though I wear a size twelve, I have very large calves (plus size, about the size of someone who wears a size sixteen to eighteen). I would love to be able to find a stylish pair of boots to wear this winter. Help!

Budget Fashionista: This is a common problem facing many women—not just size plus size women. Muscle-bound fashionistas also have a hard time finding boots that fit their calves. Your best bet is shop online stores like BarefootTess, Zappos, and Amazon’s new shoe store Endless.

Plus size stores like Torrid, LaneBryant, and Silhouettes, also have a solid collection of wide calf boots. When shopping in your local mall, look for boots with stretchy materials like micro-suede and for slouchy styles that tend to be a bit roomier in the calves.

Also check out my peeps at Beauty Plus Power, who recently put together a nice little online editorial on stylish wide calf boots.

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