Is Fashion Itself Out of Fashion?

by admin

Is Fashion Itself Out of Fashion?

This year is the beginning of a new era; a new look in fashion will be characterized by the challenging time we now live in. What becomes unfashionable is influenced by this shifting economic change and what becomes fashionable will be an emotional reaction.

From the excessive gluttonous, “take all that one can get” years to a future of growing financial concerns and constraints, we have now entered into a time of more restrictions placed on our daily choices. How will this play into fashion? We live in an era of more diverse fashion choices than ever before, when just a few decades ago fashion designers produced a look by virtue of the times. Wars, economic boom times, as well as downturns dramatically made their effect known on the world of fashion as well as the world of music, food, interior design, cars, and gadgets.

“What’s in, what’s out” are determined by our value system and the new financial restraints dictated by this capricious time. The days of consumerism and opulence are over for now.

The monogram bag and showy studs, metal and tacky gemstones, silly frills are out. Statements of worth by virtue of corrupt financial worlds are out and a more authenticity and simplistic styling are certainly gaining admirers. Society has a way of imposing what we wear by the changing times. What comes with a time of economic criticism of capitalism, and possibly a greater independence from the social hierarchy, with a growing emphasis on clean simplistic classical lines that avoids fashion’s excesses?

The 1970s and the financial crisis of deep economic recession brought us longer hemlines, trousers for women, denim, thrift-store hippy finds, and a retro return to the 1930s, emphasizing the romantic nostalgia.

The time is right for denouncing gimmicks, monograms on bags, and extolling a discreet minimal look with earthy hues. Hmmm, where are we going with this? This is 2009, fashion’s time for a transformation. So how does the fashion industry deal with this added constraint by consumer resistance to pay high prices for trendy looks? It may be a practical time, but with women still holding on to elegance and glamour with a sense of power yet romance and allure—all while avoiding the unwelcome attention of gimmicks.

Women are admired for their intellectual and perceptive powers, their enigmatic clever wit, their good sense, and their lively enthusiasm. Innovation is in the hands of designers to define this new era of fashion that will compliment the woman of today whether she is a housewife or a businesswomen, a doctor or an artist, living in the countryside or a cosmopolitan city. Fashion demands something new, like elegance and practicability.