Fashion for Men: 14 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend a Better Dresser

by Jessi Wilson

Fashion for Men: 14 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend a Better Dresser

Fashion for men isn’t advertised as much as women’s fashion, but that doesn’t mean guys shouldn’t aim to be stylish. If you want to upgrade your man’s wardrobe, look no further. We’ve rounded up the top 14 ways he can up his fashion game.


Leave Things Minimal



We love this combination of blue, black, and white for men. Using three solid-color pieces to create a business-appropriate outfit is an easy way to keep things minimal and polished.


Layers, Layers, Layers



Want to know how to instantly make your man more fashionable? Layers. It’s that simple. Adding an undone button-up over a simple tee makes any jeans-and-shirt combination more stylish.


Add Classic Touches



Guys can often pull off color better than they think. Here, greenish pants, a blue pinstripe shirt, and a gray sport coat create a preppy outfit perfect for the office.


Keep Him Comfy



So your main squeeze prefers comfort over style? That’s okay! Adding accessories like a beanie and patent leather shoes takes a casual outfit to the next level.


Show Off His Kicks



If your man loves sneakers, let him wear sneakers! You can even have him roll up his jeans to show them off. To create a dapper outfit, add a tie to a gingham button-up.


Layer Neutral Pieces



We love the casual, hipster thing happening here. To help your man recreate it, choose neutral-color pieces to layer and, of course, add a beanie.


Mix Prints and Textures



Men can dress up their jeans by pairing them with a vest, jacket, and collared shirt. To make this even more fashion-forward, pick a vest with texture and a sport coat with a windowpane plaid print.


Mix Solid Colors



You can’t go wrong when combining two solid-colored pieces—especially when one is a light neutral and the other a vibrant hue. Here, cobalt blue pants make a basic tee trendier without being too bold.


Embrace Stylish Sandals



Yes, men can rock cognac sandals, especially when paired with an untucked button-up, faded jeans, and dark shades. This outfit sends a laid-back, California vibe we can’t get enough of on guys.


Don’t Be Afraid of Color



Nothing says “preppy” like a vibrant outfit and printed loafers. And how cool is the striped elbow patch on this dress shirt?


Use an Achromatic Color Scheme



We know no matter how hard you try, your man might refuse to wear brightly colored clothing—don’t worry. An achromatic (all gray-and-black) outfit is just as trendy when you add layers and mix prints and textures.


Add a Cap



Let’s face it, baseball caps are hot. And we definitely love them when used to add casual flair to an outfit, like a dress shirt, jeans, and tan oxfords.


Throw in Quirky Details



If your guy is a little quirky, he should wear clothing to reflect it! A fun print, a cool hat, and high-tops make great additions for a man with a little edge.


Roll His Khakis



From the striped shirt to the color combo to the rolled khakis, this outfit is the perfect amount of easy and stylish.