Fashion Myth #1: What’s With All the Black?

by Carol Tuttle

Fashion Myth #1: What’s With All the Black?

At a recent Dressing Your Truth event a woman with a dominant Type 3 Energy came up to me and said, “I wore black just because you said I shouldn’t!”


I responded, “How Type 3 of you to do that! You can wear whatever you want!” I then shared with the audience, “For most of you, if you want to look ten years older, ten pounds heavier, and feel crummy, just keep wearing black!”


I have helped thousands of women learn to dress their truth. Repeatedly, I experience women nearly “freaking out” when they learn they have to give up their black clothes if they are going to dress their truth.


This is amazing to me. You would think I was telling them they can’t wear yellow, or blue, or maybe even a very beautiful version of purple! It’s BLACK I’m talking about, ladies, no movement, no expression, just stillness, and on most women, it’s deadly.


All I can figure is the fashion gods got together years ago and said, “Let’s fool the women of the world and convince them that the color everyone should wear is the color that will look the worst on most of them!” And everybody was convinced! The clothing merchandisers would want everyone to keep wearing black so they can keep pumping out black clothes really cheap and keep you buying them.


Let’s look at black through a vibrational/movement lens. Imagine a scale where one end of the scale represents no movement and the other end of the scale represents very high movement. Where would you place black on that scale? Black is exact and still. Black would go on the no-movement side of the scale.


As you have learned, three of the four Types of beauty have a very different movement in their personality, body language, and physical features than the movement of exact and still! When you put black on a Type 1, 2, or 3 woman, it is in conflict with her true movement and natural beauty.


Here are some of the most famous misconceptions about black that are not true:


* Black makes you look thinner. Not at all, it actually inflates you and makes you look bigger since the color black is so still.
* Everyone looks good in black. Wrong! Only women with a dominant Type 4 energy look stunning in black. Type 1s look childish, Type 2s look overpowered, and Type 3s just look plain old. And if you are not a Type 4, the darkness of black will pick up in your face, accentuating the lines and movement of your face that will then look like imperfections and flaws in your skin.
* Black frames your silhouette. Well, if that is the case, I don’t want it on my body! It would only make me look bigger than I really am. Black is a saturated, bold color and will look heavy on anyone who is not a bold woman.
* Black is the color that goes with everything. You have been convinced the color black is a neutral color. It is not. It really only looks great with other saturated colors or pure stark white—on a Type 4!
* I won’t know what to wear if I can’t wear my black. Please let me help you figure that one out (see “Substitutes for Black for Each Type of Woman” later in this section). I guarantee you will be thanking me and in the near future be saying to me, “I can’t imagine wearing black again.” I have heard that countless times.


What do you believe about wearing black? Are you convinced you can’t give it up?
Join the thousands of women worldwide who are getting rid of their black and bringing vitality and true beauty back to their lives!


Here are the reasons each Type is drawn to black.
Type 1: A Type 1 may feel a need to be taken more seriously, but they wind up looking silly because the contrast is so severe. When a Type 1 dresses her truth—leaving black out of her wardrobe—the atmosphere around her is lightened, she is better understood and more readily accepted for who she is.


Type 2: The color is so widely accepted and everyone says it works, so a Type 2 doesn’t question it as she might otherwise. Black on a Type 2 will make her look washed out and faded away. If she learns to dress her truth (without the black) she will stand out in subtle confidence.

Type 3:
A Type 3 might think that black is a power color and she will be attracted to that, but it will look harsh on her. She will look older, more textured and overweight. However, her Dressing Your Truth look—without black—will give her a confident, sure, dynamic and exotic look.


Type 4: A Type 4 can actually wear black! However, she will sometimes grow tired of it and be looking for more variety. Dressing Your Truth will show you how to add variety without all the frumpiness.


In conclusion, if you think you look good in black, but you are not a Type 4, you are settling for mediocrity. Let Dressing Your Truth help you see and feel the difference. You will love it!


I understand it can seem stressful to let go of your black clothes, especially if you have a lot of them. I don’t think it’s because you particularly love and adore your black clothes. It most likely is because it seemed like an easy solution to the problem of not knowing what to buy in your effort to look your best. In a world of fashion that gives you very little guidance, we all had hoped that black was the answer to not knowing what color to buy.


Now are you hanging in a state of “If I have to give up my black, I am not sure I can get into this Dressing Your Truth thing—it seems overwhelming!”? No worries. I am going to give you a great alternate color that is just one of your black replacements in the Dressing Your Truth world. I show you these and several other color choices in our Dressing Your Truth online courses, where it is extremely helpful to see the visual examples of these alternates.


Type 1: Dark chocolate brown is a great substitute for black for your bright/animated nature. Think of a dark chocolate candy bar, and you’ve got the right brown for you. It will look fresh, crisp and alive on you.


Type 2: Soft, muted brown is a great substitute for black for your subtle/soft nature. Think of a milk chocolate candy bar, and that is your color of brown. It will look elegant and comfortable on you.


Type 3: Rich golden brown is a great substitute for black for you. Think of a rich, golden dirt and that is the brown for you. It will look dynamic and substantial on you.


Type 4: Good news for you, black is a signature color for you because it is so still and exact. But I still have a tip for you! Make sure it is a very deep, saturated black, with no fading and no washing out. If the black is softened, it will look frumpy on you. The right black will look clean, simple and stunning on you.