Fashion Trends Men Hate and Why You Should Wear Them Anyway

by admin

Fashion Trends Men Hate and Why You Should Wear Them Anyway

As extensive research and frequent articles tell us, guys hate most of the things we wear. If it were up to them, we’d alternate between a T-shirt (white and soaking wet, preferably) and a sexy form-fitting dress with heels. Our experience (and the multi-billion-dollar fashion industry) tells us that what we wear has very little to do with what men want. And yet research about the fashion trends men hate continues. A recent poll by MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk confirms what you probably could guess—that if you get a date, chances are it won’t be because of what’s hanging in your closet. Here are five fabulous fashions that repel men and the reasons why you should rock them anyway, even if they are on just this side of ridiculous.





While most men polled didn’t know what jeggings were, more than half of those who did said they don’t like the trend. Maybe it’s that leggings leave no air of mystery; every curve is calculated for and flaunted. Maybe it’s the elastic waist; it reminds them too much of those sweatpants you wear on Sundays when lounging around. Whatever the reason, we don’t care. The comfort of leggings with the look of jeans? We’re sold. And if most men don’t even know what jeggings are, then we must be wearing them correctly! 


High-Waisted Pants



Granted, when high-waisted pants merge into “mom jean” territory, creating an unfortunate long-butt scenario, we don’t like them either. But today’s high-waisted pants are far from frumpy, and we really think men should reconsider. Take the values of a high waist: it cinches the smallest part of a woman, highlighting an hourglass figure, prevents a butt-crack slip, and helps you ooze confidence. What guy can claim he doesn’t like that?





Three out of five men said they find dark-colored clothing sexier. No way! You say black is more slimming and flirtatious? (Don’t they know there’s a reason we all own at least one LBD?) But just because darker clothing creates a slimmer silhouette and a more demure or approachable demeanor doesn’t mean we won’t continue to rock this trend on occasion. If fashion is art, then color is the paint, and who wants to stick with neutrals all the time?! 


Gladiator Sandals



We can understand why this trend could bother or at least confuse guys. First, there are a lot of buckles (mind-boggling, I know). Second, they wrap around the foot and ankle, which can make the leg look shorter. We all know it’s not so much the heels that men like, but the way a pair of pumps can make our legs look as if they go one for days. True strappy sandals that lace up the leg don’t accomplish the same effect, but gladiator sandals are pretty bad-ass. Look at Queen Gorgo in 300—she was a seductive and gorgeous woman but kicked any man’s butt who dared to betray her kingdom and her husband—all while wearing edgy, practical sandals. So if you like to wear fancy footwear that you can actually walk in and your man doesn’t like it? Totally fine. We know Girard Butler does in 300 … 


Harem Pants



Here’s a news flash: fashion isn’t always about creating the most flattering ensemble. If it were, style innovation and evolution would have stopped with leg-lengthening pencil skirts and tailored blazers. So why are some of us (ahem, men) still up in arms about drop-crotch pants? Most men exclaim: “I don’t understand them!” or “You look like MC Hammer!” Good points. But if you’re the type who loves to experiment with new shapes or simply likes knowing that wearing something that resembles genie pants puts you at the height of fashion, we say go with your “too legit to quit” instincts and rock the infamous harem pants anyway.