10 Gifts Under $50 for Your Best Fashion-Obsessed Friend

by admin

She lives and dies for Harper’s Bazaar and New York Fashion Week. She always has the cutest clothes and accessories—and always lets you borrow them. She stays up on latest trends so that you can devote that part of your brain to caring for your child or paying the rent. She deserves something truly righteous this Christmas, and even if your budget is more McDonald’s than McQueen, you can give it to her. 


For the Risk-Taker



Printed fishnets are not for everyone, but how can anyone know that until they’ve actually tried a pair on? Give the gift of experimentation. 


For the Dancing Queen



During the day, it’s a change purse or a hairpin-collecter. At the club, it’s a mini-wallet so bright there’s no way she can lose sight of it.


For the Traveler



The airport can make anyone feel like a schlub. These cute luggage tags broadcast attitude.


For the Tech-Savvy



If your friend gets all her latest fashion tips via text message and is constantly glued to fashion blogs, this striped laptop sleeve is the perfect accessory to keep her fashion research tools covered. 


For the New Old-Schooler



The new love for old things is the hottest trend. For your Instagramming, filter-loving fashionista, this phone cover keeps the camera clicking. 


For the Office Warrior



Just because she has a job that forbids animals at work doesn’t mean she can’t express herself. Make sure your girl gets to those board meetings on time with this leopard-print watch. 


For the Badass



Is your friend the type of girl who wears those boots with the spikes all over them? If so, this studded belt is the perfect complement.


For the Gym Rat



Top off her Lululemon running ensemble with an adorable cold-weather add-on—this cute headwrap from Athleta. As a bonus, there’s an opening for her ponytail to slip through. 


For the Trend-o-phile



Trust us: Graphic t-shirts are a really big thing right now. 


For the Diva



In these chandelier-style sparklers, she’ll lip-sync to Mariah Carey songs and scream at her imaginary entourage. They’re that convincing!