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12 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Fashion Lovers

Online shopping was already one of our favorite hobbies, and then monthly subscription boxes happened. What's better than a collection of surprise items arriving at your doorstep every month or so at prices that beat in-store options? The amazing little grab bags we found are full of trendy must-have clothing and accessories. Even if you have time to shop every month, having a personal stylist who pushes your fashion boundaries is totally worth the splurge.

Sock Panda

1 / 12


Cost: $11 per pair per month

Who Should Subscribe: The eclectic girl

Everyone needs a pair of crazy socks every once in a while. But if you find that you need a pair of crazy socks more than every once in a while, it might be time to subscribe to Sock Panda. This crazy bunch has searched high and low for the best patterns and boldest colors to keep for yourself or gift to a friend.

Photo: Sock Panda

Golden Tote

2 / 12


Cost: $49 for 2-3 items per month or $149 for 5-7 items per month

Who Should Subscribe: The girl who likes a little control and a few surprises

Golden Tote gives its subscribers the option of picking a couple of their curated and designed items every month before they select the surprise pieces. Subscribers save a bundle of money on everything from maxi dresses to rompers: $49 grab bags are valued up to $200, and $149 bags up to $600! But beware: It's an all-or-nothing deal with Golden Tote, so if you fall in love with one piece, you'll have to keep the whole set or return it all. We hear unwanted items make great gifts!

Photo: Golden Tote

Elizabeth & Clarke

3 / 12


Cost: Every 3 months you get 1 shirt for $30, 2 for $50 or 3 for $60

Who Should Subscribe: Work-meets-play fashionista

Elizabeth & Clarke is a great subscription box for girls who stick to color palettes religiously. Their high-quality blouses and tees are wardrobe staples that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, whether for work or a night on the town. Fun fact: They name all of their shirts after famous Elizabeths of the past, and all of their clothing models are real-life nonmodel subscribers. Super cool!

Photo: Elizabeth & Clarke

Stitch Fix

4 / 12


Cost: Varies on frequency and items included, averages $65 a Fix plus $20 styling fee

Who Should Subscribe: Girls of any lifestyle, budget and style

Stitch Fix is very dedicated to its subscribers, and every subscriber completes a detailed style profile before being handed over to a personal stylist. The stylist pays attention to the needs of their subscribers; you can request to never see certain colors or styles, and you can have them factor in your office job or your soon-to-be mommyhood or any other lifestyle deal that will have an impact on your wardrobe. Fixes can be delivered as frequently as you want them with five items per Fix. Keep what you like and send the rest back!

Photo: Jaime Lengel Williams

Shoe Dazzle


5 / 12


Cost: VIP Elite Membership $39.95 per month

Who Should Subscribe: The ultimate shoe lover

Every month, your Shoe Dazzle showroom fills up with new pumps, flats and more based on your personal style. If you love a pair but don't want to be a member, you can buy it—no strings attached. But if you just can't get enough, we recommend becoming a VIP, which ensures a pair of shoes at your door every month (unless you feel like skipping a month—they don't mind!). You also get first dibs on new releases and top priority when it comes to offers, events and sales.

Photo: Shoe Dazzle


6 / 12


Cost: VIP Membership $49.95 per month

Who Should Subscribe: Girls who stretch, balance, jump, climb, twist and run for fun

The face of Fabletics is co-founder Kate Hudson, who always looks like she is having the time of her life when she's breaking a sweat. With Fabletics' movable yet oh-so-stylish athletic wear, we can understand why! You choose the items you want included every month, ensuring that you get the right fit for your choice of exercise.

Photo: Fabletics

Haute Legs

7 / 12


Cost: $28 for 2 pairs of tights per month

Who Should Subscribe: The daring trendsetter

You pick your first month's subscription pieces with Haute Legs; then it's up to them to give you fun, new styles every month! The fun is in the surprise with this subscription box; tights range from super sexy fishnets to leggings with hamburgers and french fries floating in space.

Photo: Haute Legs

I-Ella's "The List"

8 / 12


Cost: Starter Bag ($59 per month), SoHo Bag ($129 per month), St. Barth's Bag ($389 per month)

Who Should Subscribe: The big earner with a love for designer brands and exclusivity

The List by I-Ella is a limited get-one-while-they-last subscription box full of exclusive designer pieces for the serious fashionista with no time to shop. Bags include accessories and trendy clothing, and there are three levels for different budgets.

Photo: I-Ella


9 / 12


Cost: Varies on frequency of subscription and products

Who Should Subscribe: The comfort enthusiast

With their self-proclaimed most comfortable underwear ever, MeUndies mixes style and function in their undies and other clothes. The subscription is totally up to you; buy undies when you feel like it, or schedule an automatic delivery for a convenient and affordable pick-me-up every month! Bonus: There is a guy's line too, so go ahead and schedule deliveries for your man while you're at it.

Photo: MeUndies

RX Vintage

10 / 12


Cost: Between $29 to $99 per month, depending on plan

Who Should Subscribe: The retro fashionista with a referral

RX Vintage believes that fashion should always be recycled, and that includes the pieces we wear! They find one-of-a-kind clothes that are in great shape and send them to you monthly. The catch: Unless you are referred by a current client, you'll have to wait for a subscription spot to open up. But if you love vintage clothing, it's worth the wait!

Photo: RX Vintage


11 / 12


Cost: $9 or more per month

Who Should Subscribe: Scarves and sunnies aficionados

There's a scarf for every season with PäshBox! Choose between a scarf box and a sunglasses box, or combine them for all the fun. The stylist often slips in extra goodies for a fun treat with your purchases.

Photo: Subscription Box Addicts


12 / 12


Cost: $36 monthly subscription

Who Should Subscribe: The accessory lover

Get personalized monthly accessories such as bold statement necklaces or delicate bracelets delivered to your door with Wantable. Subscribers will try pieces they never thought they would wear, and everything is on-trend. So, if you're a bangles and ear cuffs gal who mixes up her wardrobe with a few well-placed bits of bling, this subscription box is for you! Wantable also carries intimates and beauty boxes.

Photo: WantableJE

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