15 Botanical Tattoos Inspired By Warm Weather Blooms

by Maggie Dickman

15 Botanical Tattoos Inspired By Warm Weather Blooms

Warm weather blooms are not only gorgeous, but they’re also the perfect source of inspiration for your next tattoo. Bouquets may die, but this gorgeous artwork will last forever.


A Colorful and Intricate Design



Botanical-inspired tattoos are standout because of their intricate designs—no matter the size. This shoulder tattoo by stellatxttoo is the perfect piece of botanical-inspired art—the delicate lines and shading make the flowers equally gorgeous and lifelike.


A Geometric Sunflower Design



While a simple sunflower is a great pick, it’s also fun to spice things up with a design that’s outside-the-box—or inside-the-box, in this case. samanthatattoo‘s design bursts with originality as the lines fill the inside of the triangle in the most beautiful way.


A Delicate Lilac Design



Delicate handwork is a must-have for those dainty floral pieces. frau_merker‘s sweet shoulder lilacs are done with beautiful precision, and the hint of color makes it the perfect spring accessory.


A Black And White Design



While colors are beautiful when combined with a floral pattern, that doesn’t mean they are totally necessary. This black and white piece on z_irko is perfectly shaded to bring the flowers some distinct life, but the lack of color doesn’t make them any less lifelike.


Dainty Design and Placement



Just as important as the design is the placement, and rkm_tattoos proves that this standout location is perfect for a simple design. Really, any less-than-likely spot will make your design feel that much more special.


A Gorgeous Pop of Color



Sometimes a bold pop of color is the perfect touch, and beccyrimmer‘s design fills us with all sorts of inspiration. The dual floral chest design is a dream for any flower lover, and its boldness is what makes it standout from anything else.


A Floral and Fern Mix



Botanical designs don’t have to stick to the traditional floral pattern we’ve grown to love. negaleah‘s design combines pine and wild roses in the most beautiful way possible—and we can’t get over this ethereal artwork. Sign us up for a similar design, stat.


A Gorgeous Line Work Design



Any tattoo lover will understand the importance of incredible line work, and eekpdx seems to understand, too. This fern, featuring some of the boldest line work we’ve seen in a botanical design, makes even the simplest of designs come to life.


A Poppy and Puppy Design



One of our favorite ways to wear floral tattoos are as an accent to another personalized design. misskwan‘s artwork with poppies, magnolias, and, of course, the adorable pup, take botanical tattoos to an entirely new level.


A Simple Leaf Design



A simple leaf-like pattern, as seen on cathy.artwork, is for the simplistic gals out there. You don’t need much to make a design come to life, and this is proof that a fearless and fresh look is sometimes the best way to go.


A Hand-Poked Ankle Tattoo



Hand poked line work is much more delicate, but that elegance translates into something incredible. humberto_de_la_cruz_ozuna‘s design is any girl’s dream—charming and utterly adorable. The perfect inspo is here.


A Magical Butterfly Tattoo



Nothing compliments bright flowers better than bold butterflies, and tattootachyon‘s designs are proof of the combo’s beauty. The full arm style is not for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for the gal who loves color, nature, and everything beautiful.


A Sweet Little Mushroom



For the gal who wants to shy away from a design that’s floral-based, look to the forest for inspiration. twin.suns‘s morel mushroom is a fun little guy to get to stand out from the sea of flowers that have taken over Instagram.


A Beachy Palm Tree



This palm tree design is the perfect spring to summer piece to wear year round. zoelondondj‘s location and design are what we’d love to have to remind us of the summery months where the sun shines bright and the grass grows green.


A Single Flower Design



This artwork is notable for the ethereal, single flower design, and even more so for the considerate placement. z_irko clearly has a knack for this style of piece, and the design is enough flower power for any lady to love.