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15 Gifts Under $25 For Your Fashionista Friend

She's the one in your friend group who posts an #OOTD every day and follows street style bloggers like it's her job—or maybe it is her job? If you're not sure what to get the queen of couture who has champagne taste, we've found 15 gifts under $25 that'll get her official stylista approval without hurting your wallet.

Tied Up

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In case you didn't know, the '90s are back and better than ever this year. From overalls to punk plaid, the fashionista in your life certainly is dressed head to toe in her favorite grunge garments. The only thing missing is the finishing touch: an edgy, black choker that's one of this season's to-die-for gifts under $25 ($24;

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Photo: Forever 21

Tassel Time

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What's the item that's always on her wish list every year? A new bag. From school to work to play time, she totes her bag around to the point of severe exhaustion, so upgrade hers to this neutral, fringy one ($22.90;

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Photo: Forever 21

Sporty Spice

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If we're being real, she probably never needs a hat to cover up a bad hair day because her hair is as fabulous as her frocks. But, she definitely would want one to make a fashion statement. She'll be channeling her inner Spice Girl in no time with this feminine take on a sporty classic ($12.50;

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Photo: Asos

Smooth Moves

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As if the Jenner sisters weren't turning heads enough already with their other million side projects, they're now making waves with their California-cool collection at Pac Sun. We fashion girls can't get enough of the athleisure trend because we're all about comfort, so we know she'll also be obsessed with these silky soft shorts ($24.95;

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Photo: Pac Sun

Sock It To Me

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If you think she's dressed head to toe in designer duds, think again. Give her feet the couture treatment with some Kate Spade socks that she can sport around with her boots or when she's just lounging around the house on a lazy day ($10;

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Photo: Shop Bop

Happy Feet

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She's got the cutest shoes on the block, but she might not be storing them like she should. Help her make her shoes last a lot longer in this too-cute-for-words bag ($18;

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Photo: Shop Bop

Lovely Lace

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If anything is in this year, it's the showing-your-bralette trend under all your clothes. Luckily, Free People has made the previously scandalous fashion combo more tasteful with more coverage and dainty lace details ($20;

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Photo: Free People

Throw Some Shade

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One of the best under $25 gifts you can find is a pair of rockin' sunglasses. Chances are, it's something she keeps losing, so do her a huge favor and keep her eyes protected and looking sharp ($20;

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Photo: Topshop

Heavenly Scent

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The only thing worse than an outfit flagged down by the fashion police is someone's serious smell. Help a girl out in a subtle way by giving her a small amount of perfume to try that'll leave her feeling fresh and confident ($25;

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Photo: Macy's

To Die For

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We're all about the one-size-fits-all trend for under $25 gifts because it takes the guesswork out of buying clothing for our favorite fashionista. This strappy tank is something she's dying to have with its effortless cool-girl factor ($24.95;

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Photo: Don't Ask Why NY

Fierce Fashionista

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She's fabulously fierce, so get her a little something that'll tell the world how ferocious she is. This leopard-patterned case will give her just the edge she needs everyday ($24.99;

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Photo: 6PM

Nailed It

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A girl's favorite way to relax and look put together is certainly painting her nails. She'll be glad you added this Girl Boss favorite to her continuously growing collection ($18;

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Photo: Nasty Gal

Loungin' Around

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If you think a girl's fashion sense goes to bed when she does, then you're clearly mistaken. She only wears the most decadent, soft PJs while she's lounging around, and these little pajama shorts will do just the trick ($18.50;

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Photo: Asos

Denim Darling

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If she calls herself the ultimate fashion girl, then put her to the test and give her one of the biggest comebacks circa the '90s—the denim dress. She can dress it up or down and put her own flair on it, which makes it one of our go-to gifts under $25 this year ($22.90;

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Photo: Forever 21

Pucker Up

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No outfit is complete without the proper makeup—particularly the perfect lip gloss. This kit gives her options, which she's all about because she likes to play up her style ($22;

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Photo: Sephora

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