15 Matching BFF Tattoos That Are Better Than A Friendship Necklace

by Maggie Dickman

15 Matching BFF Tattoos That Are Better Than A Friendship Necklace

Best friends are forever—and so is getting inked. The BFF tattoo is the step up from the BFF necklace, and we’ve picked out some of the best designs for besties that are partners in crime.


For The Besties That Want Something Small To Share



A BFF tattoo doesn’t have to be anything big. Sharing something small, like @kat3roo‘s matching thyme tattoos, means that your shared art may be dainty, but it’s still special enough to call your own.


For The Friends Who Travel Together



Remember that amazing cross-country trip you made with your BFF last spring break? Keep these special moments alive with matching tats that’ll transport you back to those memories—in this case, @jade_elizabeth1 takes it back to those sunny days and sandy nights with these palm tree tattoos.


For The Caffeinated Besties



Is picking up a cuppa coffee with your best friend the best way to start your day? Get something special to remember these daily traditions by getting it tatted. @chevytheartist‘s design shows just how cute a cup of coffee can be—sign us up for a pair of these tats and a tall latte, stat.


For A Friendship That’ll Last To Infinity (And Beyond)



Whether you’re a fan of Toy Story, or you just like the sentiment, there’s something about sharing a tattoo as a reminder that you’ll always have each other’s backs that we just love. If you’ve got a friendship like Buzz and Woody, then @livetssalttatuering‘s design is perfect for you and your bestie.


For The Friends Who Share Their Every Secret



If you and your BFFs know each other better than anyone (yep, those little pink promise secrets, too), then a design like @catherinepizarro‘s is the trendy option to hop on board with, stat. It’s a dainty reminder that you’ll always be there for each other—and that’s a pinky promise.


For Friends That Are Also Partners In Crime



If you’re not afraid to show off your tattoo—and your love for your partner in crime who’s always down for your crazy adventures—then dainty hand tattoos with your bestie might be the raddest option. A design like @lainey_loops‘s is both super badass—but it’s also a sentimental reminder of the love you’ll always have for your best friend.


For The Long Distance BFFs



Who says long distance relationships are impossible? A compass tattoo like @ashleyska‘s is a reminder that no matter how far apart you and your best friend are, you’ll always have each other. Another option to make it more personalized? Adding geographic coordinates. Because remember that no matter what—you’ll only be one Skype call away.


For The Besties That Have Been There For Each Other Since Day One



For those besties since birth, a heartbeat design like @jillytattoo‘s is enough to remind each other that no matter what, your friends are there with you until the end. The heartbeat is continuous, just like this heartbeat tattoo design, and we can’t get enough of it.


For The Friends That Want To Remember That Best Day Ever



One of the best ways to remember a milestone—whether that be a special adventure or an unforgettable accomplishment—is remembering that exact moment through a tattoo design. @artistic_studio_hair_tattoo‘s artwork isn’t anything too complex, but it’s significant enough to bring back that moment you’ll want to remember forever.


For The Friends That’ll Always Have Each Other’s Backs



Friendships are all about lifting each other up, right? Well, there’s nothing more inspiring than sharing one of your favorite quotes with your BFF in some ink. @sueduythu‘s particular design is commanding and unforgettable, but even a subtle inspiring message is enough to bring a ray of sunshine to anyone’s day—whether you’re seeing your BFF, or you’re miles away.


For The BFFs That Have Turned Moments Into Memories



Let’s be real—sometimes there are just so many incredible moments that you can’t simply pick one to get tatted. So, sticking with a design similar to @demy_owltattooatelier‘s is enough to remind you and your bestie that you’ve lived through so many special moments—with many, many more to come.


For The Besties Still Waiting On Their Hogwarts Acceptance Letter



HP fans, unite. Sure, there are a few designs that are already crazy popular among Harry Potter fans, but stepping outside the box with your BFF is an awesome way to go. @courtney.k21‘s wand designs are original and still have us feeling all the Harry Potter feels. Wands up!


For The Besties That Balance Each Other Out



Sharing ink is awesome—but sometimes you find that you finish each other’s sentences and, ultimately, balance each other out. A shared design like @carolinevreeland‘s that says “keep me wild” and “keep me sane” is the ultimate style for the ultimate BFFs.


For The Besties That Make Each Other Whole



This particular design is especially great for the bigger friend group that wants to get something similar but not too over-the-top. The triangle designs in @lesliejaysandarrows‘s photo are simple, and the geometric pattern is totally trendy. When each friend fills in a different shape in the pattern, it shows that although you’re all different, you’re each an important—and necessary—part of the whole.


For The BFFs That Drink Together (And Ink Together)



Besties that drink together ink together, right? Well, if it isn’t a saying, it should be. For those gals that spend their Monday nights watching The Bachelor and sharing a bottle of wine, a tattoo design like @emmalittl‘s is perfect for you. Now go celebrate friendship—and think about what that BFF tattoo design should be.