18 Biker-Chic Pieces That’ll Make You Feel Like A Badass

by Sierra Burgos

18 Biker-Chic Pieces That’ll Make You Feel Like A Badass
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Leather, fringe, studsoh my! The wardrobe of a rebellious biker babe obviously has to match her no-effs-given attitude. We’re talking skintight pants, chains, and a dark red pout to match. Whether edgy fashion is totally your style or you’re just down to experiment, check out these 18 pieces made for rebels and risk-takers like you.



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Leather Jacket


Every bold fashionista needs a leather jacket in her arsenal―it matches nearly everything and actually keeps you warm when summer turns to fall. Follow the biker chic vibe with dark jeans and black boots, or put an edgy twist on your favorite floral dress.

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Bandanas are the ultimate rebel accessory. They’re tough (as in, biker dudes wear them) yet fashionable (even Pia Mia rocks ’em). Unsure how to style one? Check out these 14 Creative Ways To Wear A Bandana, and soon they’ll be your go-to accessory.

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Flat Biker Boots


These boots will complete your gritty getup; plus, they’re practical enough to actually wear for a sunset motorcycle ride. Pair them with skinny jeans and a leather jacket for a quick, trendy outfit.

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Ripped Jeans


Speaking of skinny jeans, search for a pair with rips to up the bold factor. They can be worn with biker boots just as well as pointy-toe heels.

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Mesh Bodysuit


For a sexy vibe, check out this star patterned mesh bodysuit. Tuck it into high-waisted black jeans and pop on some strappy heels. For a more subtle look, wear this long sleeve under a jacket or jean dress.

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Fringe Wristlet


This wrist wallet is perfect for a night out with friends: small, lightweight, and an edgy addition to any ensemble. Simply throw it on your wrist and you’ll be able to dance all night, hands-free.

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Knee-High Heeled Boots


Sometimes you need a few extra inches of height to really show who’s the sheriff in town―look no further than these heeled boots. Wear them with your new ripped jeans and a leather vest.

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Leather Skinnies


Channel your inner Sandy Olsson and rock a pair of leather pants. Dress ’em up with red heels and a tight bardot top like a true Greaser (just don’t get stuck in them, like Olivia Newton-John did).

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Band Tee


The key to being a bad biker babe is your cool t-shirt collection. Round up all your favorite bands and sassy sayings, because you can never have enough graphic print tops. We’re loving this cutout AC/DC tee.

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Leather Choker


If you’re a fan of chokers, you’re already on your way to that edgy rebel wardrobe. Look for chokers with different materials and accents, like this leather one with a volcanic rock charm.

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High Top Sneakers

When the boots get boring, opt for a pair of chic sneakers instead. We’d style these high-tops with black skinny jeans, a band t-shirt, and a leather jacket.

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Leather Vest


Too hot for a leather jacket or pants, but still dying to rock the leather trend? Try wearing this vest over a dress or skirt for a breezier outfit.

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Liquid Leggings


For a comfier version of the leather pant, look for a pair of liquid leggings. They’re just as comfortable as regular leggings, only they’re coated with a shiny finish that makes them almost leather-like. Fake it ’til you make it, right?

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Fishnet Tights


No bad girl closet is complete without a pair of fishnets. Rock them under ripped jeans, shorts, or a dress to add edge to any outfit. For more ideas on how to wear fishnets, check out We’re Flipping For Fishnets: 14 Ways To Wear Them.

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A flannel is versatile for any wardrobe―tie it around your waist to give your leather leggings and black tee a touch of color and style.

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Studded Backpack

For the biker babe who’s on the go, this grown-up version of a backpack is sure to keep all your must-haves safe. Plus, black matches everything. Did we mention it’s our favorite color?

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Chain Rip Jeans


How *badass* are these jeans?! Not only are they ripped, but they have chain accents, making them even cooler. We’d let these jeans steal the show and keep the rest of our outfit simple, with a plain black tank and shoes.

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Studded Booties

Complete your outfit with studded booties―we love how simple these studs are, while also giving your shoes a unique touch. Rock these boots with a leather skirt and fishnets for the ultimate bad gal look.