19 Crystal Crowns You Should Rock This Festival Season

by admin

19 Crystal Crowns You Should Rock This Festival Season

Flower crowns are great and all (especially if they're weed ones!), but these crowns are made from a totally different material. Check out these 19 crystal crowns that will rock your world!


Double Double, This This



Why stick with one strand on those crystal crowns when you can have two? This look from @diademagloriam proves that double the crystals, double the royalty status, right?!


Crystallized Cotton Candy



The delicate cotton candy colors in this crown from @ethereal.zen.creations gives off a playful feel that makes us want to dance the night (and day) away!


Galaxy Hair



Have you ever seen colors work together so perfectly? This crystal crown style from @hairpaint_meditate_byash looks especially stunning with the deep galaxy-colored hair underneath.


Red Rock



Wear the crystals on the back of your noggin instead of toward the front, like on this style from @earthlynebula. It gives a whole new better meaning to party in the back!


Glass-like Glimmer



Ugh. Glistening in the sun is something that flower crowns just can’t live up to. Check out the way those crystals on this look from @earthlynebula shine!


Rock N’ Roll



While the outfit itself is already adorable, the crystal crown in this look from @jenhaydenlee seriously takes it to another level. Get ready to rock n’ roll, friends.





Crystal crowns don’t have to be uber-feminine! This crown from @earthlynebula packs a serious amount of edge.


Rock Your World



Don’t feel like you have to stick to one size of crystal! Shorter, stubbier gems, like these ones on this crown from @earthlynebula, work together to make just as cool of a look, and take up even less room on your head.


Darker Drama



Stick to darker colored crystals if you’re looking to add a bit more drama and a little less femininity to your crown. The gems on this look from @micahsgems perfectly complement the rest of her accessories, too!


Crystal Clear



Make sure your crystal crown can be paired with any outfit by sticking to neutrals. This fun and simple look from @xoxocmichael_com can seriously work with anything!


Too Cool For Skull



Adding small fun pieces to the front of your crown can make it stand out all the more. Check out the little gold skull attached to the front of this crown from @strawberryshaka. We’re totally feeling the festival vibes in this one!


Comb On Over



This stunning, dark crown from @mysticmyne.jewelry is a little different from the rest. Instead of reaching all the way around the head, it is attached to a small comb that allows it to work with your varying hairstyles a bit more. Love the added arrow detail!


Stop And Smell The Roses



Can’t get enough of the ocean-like tones of this crown from @earthlynebula. The colors would go well with almost any hair color or skin tone!


(A)Head Of The Times



Just because it’s made to be a crown, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in different ways! This look from @micahsgems features a crystal crown benig worn as a headband, and it’s both adorable and functional!


Queen Of Quartz



Add some drama to your crown by keeping the crytals a totally different color from the base wire. We love the shapes and varying patterns that this look from @phantomhalls mixes in!


Unicorn Vibes



Anyone else getting some chic unicorn vibes from @pegilea‘s look? Loving the fun, bold colors in the crown with the neutral makeup!





Combining different kinds of crystals can make for a super interesting look. Having one varying center stone, like in this look from @kittyhankins, can really create a gorgeous result!


Short And Sweet



Just like on flower crowns, crystals don’t necessarily need to wrap all the way around your head to make a statement. This crown from @luxexteriors shows a lighter, more delicate version to wear the trend.


Gem Friends



If you’re looking to buy your own crystal crown, Etsy is one of the best places to find a variety of styles. If you and your friends are extra crafty, you can always try to make your own!