19 Dinosaur-Themed Chic Products That Will Never Go Extinct

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19 Dinosaur-Themed Chic Products That Will Never Go Extinct

Though these creatures have long been extinct, dinosaurs are taking runways and the fashion world with meteoric speed. Coach inspired the rise of the dinosaurs again by going dino-crazy on its latest line, featuring new mascot Rexy. You've probably seen Coach's sweater on celebs left and right the past few weeks, and several fashion brands of all price ranges are taking notice.


REXY Coin Case, $95



What better way to keep your plentiful coins safe than in this yellow T-Rex coin case? Better yet, Rexy is Coach’s mascot, so you can snag plenty of dino swag from the fashion brand.

To buy: $95, www.coach.com.


ASOS Dinosaur Robe, $45.10



When all you want in life is a good set of horns, don this comfy dinosaur robe. You’ll be the cutest living triceratops as far as we’re concerned.

To buy: $45.10, www.asos.com.


Dinosaur Graphic PJ Set, $14.90



This dino-themed PJ set is perfect for nights when all you want to do is binge Jurassic Park or The Land Before Time. Plus, those boxers are just too cute to pass up, TBH.

To buy: $14.90, www.forever21.com.


BDG Dino Coach Jacket, $74



Blink and you’ll miss the tiny dino patch on this subtle black coach jacket. It’s the perfect piece you need to stay warm and remind the world of your love for all things Jurassic. Don’t forget to check the inside, because it gives out an adorable “roar” sewn in.

To buy: $74, www.urbanoutfitters.com.


Oh My Gosh A-Line Dress in Navy Dinos, $59.99



Deck yourself out in this dino printed dress on days you’re feeling extra quirky. Who knows, if dinosaurs ever come back, they might give you extra points for this look.

To buy: $59.99, www.modcloth.com.


Mormo-Mini Droolita Backpack in Pink, $345



OK, so this precious baby pink backpack may resemble more of a monster than a dinosaur, but it’s just too freaking cute not to include. Just take a look at those teeth and those eyes!

To buy: $345, www.shop.nylon.com.


Women’s Knee High Socks, $2.50



Dinosaurs once roamed the Earth before humanity did, so pay these giants a well-footed homage in these printed socks. Who knows, these might also feed your inner conspiracy theorist.

To buy: $2.50, www.target.com.


Dinosaur Necklaces, $15+



Display your love for the Jurassic giants with these minimalist dino necklaces. You can choose between silver and gold, so grab a second one for your best friend, too!

To buy: $15, www.etsy.com.


REXY Turnlock Wristlet 26, $196



Did we mention Coach has a particular affinity for dinosaurs as of late? This dinosaur wristlet is perfect for keeping all your cards and trinkets in one place, and that T-Rex will certainly keep your goods safe!

To buy: $196, www.coach.com.


Green Dinosaur Leggings, $28



Sport your love of prehistoric creatures with these adorable printed leggings. You can even pretend these two triceratops are in love or something… not that that was my first thought or anything….

To buy: $28, www.etsy.com.


T-Rex Studs, $12



These are some studly T-Rex earrings if we do say so ourselves. Plus, they’re nickel and lead-free, so if even sensitive ears can rock these studs.

To buy: $12, www.francescas.com.


Dinosaur Patch T-Shirt by Tee & Cake, $40



Wear your love of the dinos on your sleeve (literally) with this adorable t-shirt. This top is effortlessly cool, and you’ll win extra points for being a science enthusiast.

To buy: $40, www.topshop.com.


Up, Up, and Amaze Top in Dinos, $49.99



Flaunt your affinity for tiny dinos in this business casual green blouse. If your clothing were an icebreaker, this one would attract all the cute paleontologists.

To buy: $49.99, www.modcloth.com.


Camouflage Dinosaur Geometric Leggings, $39



Slip into these fun printed dino leggings for your next Jurassic adventure around town. Though they may resemble camouflage, we think you’ll be turning heads in these babies.

To buy: $39, www.society6.com.


Dinosaur Skater Dress, $88



If you can’t seem to pick a fave dino, choose them all with this super cute skater dress. You’ll soon be the envy of your prehistoric-loving friends.

To buy: $88, www.shop.nylon.com.


Dinosaur Print Loose Grey Sweatshirt, $15.99



Your dinosaur obsession needs to be expressed whenever possible, so this dino sweatshirt will let everyone know how deeply you connect with the Jurassic giants even on your comfiest days.

To buy: $15.99, www.m.romwe.com.


T-Rex Flirt Skirt, $54



What better way to grab the attention of the cutest nerds around than with a dino print skirt? Better yet, this piece is made entirely from scratch and with sustainable materials, meaning you’re doing the world a huge solid.

To buy: $54, www.shophotdame.ca.com.


NewBreed Dino Bones Pencil Skirt, $32



Throw us a bone, already! This dino pencil skirt is fossilized fashion, and we’re sure these prehistoric skeletons will be a conversation starter during your next science debate.

To buy: $32, www.newbreedgirl.com.


Land Before Sublime A-Line Dress in Dinos, $79.99



If you find yourself fantasizing about The Land Before Time more often than the present day, this dress is for you.

To buy: $79.99, www.modcloth.com.