2013 Trend: The Art of Baring Your Bra

by admin

2013 Trend: The Art of Baring Your Bra

Welcome to the misunderstood world of the visible bra. Past wisdom stated that if your bra straps showed, you were sloppy. If the lace showed, you were trashy. But no more. It’s a new world for the underwire, my friend.

If you've ever glanced down at your bra and thought sadly that your underwear is 73 percent more awesome than whatever is going on over it, this is your day. If you tend to stick with camis and sports bras, you may want to rethink your underwear specifications because the runways are all about bras and bold cutouts and bare midriffs. Spring is all about the sexy and your bras are about to get some serious play.

Root through your closet for that sheer blouse you never knew what to do with. Its chiffon life now has a purpose – to lie sweetly over your favorite bra. Simple blouses show off your favorite ornate numbers. With more decorative blouses, opt for a simpler bra. Slide into your favorite jeans or a maxi skirt.


Pair your lacier, colored bras with a loose boyfriend shirt. Unbutton the top three buttons to show off a hint of pink lace frosted cleavage. A bigger shirt works well with skinny jeans or a miniskirt and tights.


Pair a lacy bra with a v-neck cashmere sweater and let the lace ride above the neckline. Try pairing black with black or go for contrasting but complementing colors like pink and turquoise or purple and gray. Pair with jeans and boots for a pseudo cowboy vixen look.


For a more casual bra extravaganza, grab an oversize tank or camisole and let the top of your bra peek out the neck or armholes. Cute but not overdone.

Voila! Your bras get to see the light of day and you get to feel like a sex kitten—as vampish or demure as whim dictates.