28 Henna Designs for Hands We’re Dying to Try Out

by Claudia Williams

28 Henna Designs for Hands We’re Dying to Try Out

Henna, once used for sacred, cosmetic purposes, has become huge in the United States. You can get designs done in malls across America, or you can buy or make henna paste and apply your own designs at home. From detailed flowers to animals of all kinds, these henna designs for hands are not-so-permanent alternatives to tattoos.


Best Friend Henna



Henna is beautiful on its own, but it looks even better when two besties get it done together.


Vanessa Hudgens’ Henna



Stylish celebs, like this High School Musical singing star, rock henna on their hands alongside their flawless manicures.


Trendy Triangle Henna



Henna doesn’t always have to be swirly designs and floral shapes. Mix it up with geometric patterns, straight lines, and trendy triangles.


Full Sleeve



Extend your henna design all the way up your arm for a striking look that will have you wearing short sleeves for weeks.


Pia Mia’s Henna



Pop singer and Instagram sensation Pia Mia always has flawless henna and a great manicure to go with it. Pia usually has both hands covered in the beautiful designs, but this time she opted for just one.


Authentic Henna



The detailed, small designs in this look are extremely authentic and original to traditional Indian henna.


Summertime Henna



Besties who henna together stay together. Nothing says summer vibes like short shorts, white Converses, and hand-drawn designs.


Aspiring Henna



With just her ring finger decorated, this self-taught henna artist is making sure her bling gets the attention it deserves. (Psst, she’s also highlighting her henna-dyed eyebrows.)


Symetrical Henna



Ditch the swirly designs and floral motifs for this straight, symmetrical henna design.


Ornate Palm Henna



Who says henna has to be on the tops of your hands? Turn them over, and try the designs on your palms and up your forearm. This insanely intricate design dates back 5,000 years!


Swirled Henna



We’re loving the way this henna design swirls across fingers and up the arm. Very fluid!


White “Henna”



There’s lots of chatter online about white “henna,” a henna alternative for darker skin. But don’t get suckered into trying a product that will bleach your skin. Safe white “henna” is a body adhesive.


Henna Cuff



Give yourself a lacy-looking cuff with henna. We love this classic three-tiered design.


Elephant Henna



Elephants hold a special place in Hindu culture, so working an elephant motif into a henna design seems like a natural fit.


Shaded Henna



This is probably the most incredible henna hand design we found. The shading gives an intricate design amazing depth.


Manly Henna



Who says men can’t love henna too? This palm design is simple and masculine.


Purple Henna



Want to make your henna design really POP? Add a touch of purple ink shading for a colorful henna look.


Fingertip Henna



We’re loving this simple, modern take on henna hands. Definitely a conversation starter.


Palm Henna



Henna is traditionally on the back of the hand, but we love this twist on tradition with a look that runs down the palm. The brushwork is amazing!


Crisscross Henna



Add straight lines to your flowing henna design for a breathtaking henna look. Love that grid pattern and the lace up the thumb!


Horned Henna



Ready for the holiday spirit? Channel your inner reindeer with this horned henna design. It’ll have you screaming Dasher and Dancer in no time!


Outerspace Henna



Shoot for the stars with this henna motif. The moon- and star-inspired look is out of this world!


Big Moose Henna



Do you like big moose, and you can’t lie? We’re loving this animalistic take on traditional henna designs.


Classic Henna



This classic, simple henna design is as old-school as it gets.


Circular Henna



This henna motif is filled with simple floral and circular shapes. We love the little leaf designs by the fingernails!


Big Henna



Instead of drawing henna all over your arms, stick to one big design in a single place. This large detailed flower stands out more than most.


Wedding Day Henna



Traditional Indian brides always have henna done on their wedding days. This bride was no different. This tradition is very special, and the designs are always stunning.


Mirrored Henna



We’re not sure how they do it, but having the exact same henna design on both hands is pretty impressive. Talk about #flawless.