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3 Facts About Pearls & Pearl Jewellery You Probably Didn’t Know

Pearls are one of the most remarkable and striking forms of jewellery on the market and it is little wonder that so many women have fallen under the spell of pearls. They are also one of the most magical forms of jewellery as they are formed from living things and this just adds to the appeal of pearls which have had an enduring appeal for hundreds of years.

Despite the popularity of pearl jewellery, not much is known about pearls amongst the average consumer on the street and you will be blown away by some of the most impressive pearl facts that you’re about to read…

3 – All the Colours of the Rainbow…

Well, not literally, but you may well be surprised at just how many colours there are to choose from when it comes to picking pearl jewellery. Most consumers assume, wrongly of course, that pearls are only available in the white colouration which has become so popularised the world over but, in actuality, pearls are available in a wide array of colours including black, gold and pink pearls. The colour of pearls is largely dependent on the variety of mollusc that it has been harvested from.

2 – Age Before Beauty…

Pearls are undeniably one of the most beautiful forms of jewellery on the market but many people wrongly assume that all pearls take years to form. In actuality, many molluscs are capable of cultivating exceptional pearls in a matter of months and the amount of time it takes for a pearl to come to fruition will be dependent on many factors but mainly the environment in which it is being grown and the type of mollusc in question.

1 - Cultured or Au Naturel…

You may or may not be aware but pearls were so popular at one stage that they were at the point of extinction but, after the introduction of cultivated pearl harvesting, this is no longer an issue. But which types of pearls are more precious I hear you say? Cultured pearls or natural pearls? Well, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, in terms of value, it is cultured pearls (perhaps surprisingly) that often have the higher monetary value but this is dependent on many mitigating factors. It’s true that if you have a natural pearl necklace that is the same size, lustre and weight as a cultured pearl necklace, the natural one will be more valuable but, in most cases, cultured pearls tend to be larger than their natural counterparts.

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