32 Henna Tattoo Designs That Make You Want to Get Tatted ASAP

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32 Henna Tattoo Designs That Make You Want to Get Tatted ASAP

Get inspired by these spiritual and detailed henna tattoo designs that reflect the intricate ancient art we’ve all become obsessed with. From flowers to animals, and lots in between, there is sure to be something for everyone. Check out some of our favorites, and get ready to get tatted!


Mystical Mandala



Find your chakra with a mandala tattoo. Each color has meaning, so do your research before you get inked.


Black Magic



Intricate and meaningful, this black geometric tattoo is one for the books.


Bird in Paradise



Birds, common symbols in many henna designs, are representative of being messengers, so pairing one with a mandala is a perfect fit.


Flora + Fauna



In Egyptian culture, the lotus flower symbolizes rebirth, the sun, and creation. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the same flower symbolizes purity, spiritual awakening, and faithfulness. Wherever your spiritual leanings lie, choosing a lotus flower is sure to bring you inner peace and enlightenment.


Flower Power



Adding a burst of color to this intricate design creates the perfect balance between the flowers and the mandalas in this tattoo.


Ornamental Inspiration



The subtle oranges and intricate details of this tattoo pay homage to traditional henna designs. The elephant represents one of the five primary Hindu deities—Lord Ganesha, or the Elephant god, which symbolizes wisdom and prosperity in Hindu culture.


Simple Elegance



Small and delicate, this tattoo is both graceful and beautiful and is sure to be one you won’t regret 20 years from now.


Bean of India



Known as the “Bean of India,” the lotus flower is a sacred symbol for Egyptology, Hinduism, and Buddhism.


Fancy Forearms



Add a worldly twist to your typical floral tattoo with a mandala. The black-and-white treatment is so striking!


BFF Tats



Looking for a small tattoo you can share with your friends? A small mandala or flower will be cool and edgy while also signifying the permanence of your #girlsquad.


Opposites Attract



An ideal henna tattoo design for best friends or lovers, the sun and the moon symbolize eternal love in Indian culture.


Global Ink



Incorporating Indian and tribal motifs, this tattoo is a beautiful exclamation of curiosity and global intrigue.


Hamsa + Watercolor



This tattoo easily won the Internet using the traditional elements of an arrow and a Hamsa on a watercolor canvas. The Hamsa (also known as the Humes Hand, the Hand of Fatima, and the Hand of Miriam) is a symbol in the Jewish and Islamic faiths, representing the five books of the Torah, the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and the Five Pillars of Islam among other spiritual meanings.


Traditional Inspiration



Another day, another mandala. Mandalas can represent strength, passion, intuition, physical and emotional healing, and other personal goals, depending on the colors you choose.


Love Is All You Need



This mandala was created with a repetition of a heart motif and includes a flower and a solid border. The variance in stroke widths allows for a harmonious balance between the inner and outer elements.


Backward Glances



Another beautiful rendition of a Hamsa, this elegant tattoo is an artful addition for anyone looking for a significantly historical and spiritual tattoo.


Hamsa or Elephant? You Decide



A beautiful combination of a Hamsa and an elephant, this tattoo is perfect for the indecisive and someone who wants to pay homage to multiple symbols in one session.


Easy Does It



A more simple take on the traditional mandala, this geometric representation is both bold and engaging.


Rainbow Ink



Add rich hues and bright colors to spice up a black-and-white mandala.


Subtle Shading



A cool gradient sets this tattoo apart for a design that packs a punch.


Elegant Lines



The differences in stroke weight make a huge impact on this elaborate forearm tattoo that combines filigrees and classic henna designs for harmonious balance.


Sacred Geometry



A bold black mandala design creates a stark contrast between the dot work and the thicker blocks of color.


Hummingbird Hopes



Representing energy and vitality, agility, loyalty, happiness, passion, and love, a hummingbird tattoo design pays homage to India’s rich culture while kindling your energetic spirit.


Inky Etching



A larger rendition, this hummingbird in flight keeps the intricate henna details while modernizing other elements of the design.


Linear Lotus



The placement of this tattoo alone is mindful of traditional Indian henna designs, but the addition of a lotus flower and the representation of the moon and other floral elements add a romantic flair to the design.


Burning Red



A subtle shade of red takes this lotus tattoo to a new level. The red lotus represents love, compassion, and passion, and a red lotus is often shown as an open bloom, like this one, to symbolize what Buddhists consider to be the ideal state of the heart.


Geometric Intricacies



A large geometric mandala with floral elements makes a lasting impression no matter where it’s placed on the body.


Mixed Media



Modern flowers blended into intricate henna-inspired tattoo details make for a design pretty enough for a close-up.


Black Dahlia



This elaborate design incorporates dahlias and other floral elements to create a monochromatic tattoo that’s seriously striking!


Ornamental Opulence



This traditional tattoo design has such precise lines it almost looks as though it is engraved.


Patterned Perfection



A floral mandala, this black tattoo is small enough to hide easily but also just big enough to make an impact.


Head Over Heels for Paisley



This paisley design takes inspiration from traditional henna tattoos to create a truly original work of art.