5 Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous New Tattoo Trends

by Jasmine Gordon

5 Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous New Tattoo Trends

From mandalas to cross-stitch, check out some of the most beautiful tattoo trends to emerge this year. There’s something here for everyone!


Tattoo Trends


There’s more to the latest tattoo trends than just dream catchers, infinity symbols, and script words. In fact, some of the most gorgeous tattoo styles developed by brilliant artists are really catching on. 2015 marked the year when many of us got inked with birds and feathers, but others opted for watercolor-style art, delicate finger tattoos, or cross-stitch–inspired designs. This list is just a sampling of some of the absolutely gorgeous tattoo trends gaining attention nationwide and worldwide.


Feeling a bit nervous about the idea of permanent ink? The goddess-inspired metallic temporary tattoos made famous by Beyoncé and Caroline Hererra are still very much in style. Vogue staff recommend mix-and-matching tattoos with some of your favorite jewelry pieces for an interesting textural effect.


cross stitch tattoo

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1. Cross-Stitch
Granny crafts are back in! Knitting, crocheting, and embroidery are back, and being reinvented by 20-something, self-described “yarn harlots” and “knit nerds.” It only follows that some of today’s most endearing tattoos are inspired by the ancient art of cross-stitching. Stylish millennials worldwide are beginning to sport brightly colored tattoos made of a tiny mosaic of X-shape designs. For now, the trend is fresh enough that it’s far from overdone.


watercolor tattoo

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2. Watercolor
Traditional-style tattoos feature heavy black lines to separate boundaries between colors. Lately, forward-thinking tattoo artists have been throwing away that ancient practice and opting for watercolor-style tattoos. These tattoos are meant to mimic the softly blurred lines and patterns of watercolor artists. While some tattoo enthusiasts have expressed concerns that these tattoos won’t age well, tattoo artist Joel Wright states that these tattoos “could fade a little quicker” but aren’t guaranteed to need touch-ups in the near future. Wright reports that tattoo longevity is more related to color saturation, regardless of whether or not your art features classic black lines.


mandala tattoo

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3. Mandalas
Tibetan mandalas are “tightly balanced, geometric compositions” used for transforming the mind into an “enlightened” brain. Practitioners of Buddhism and their nonreligious counterparts are increasingly opting for mandala-style tattoos. These gorgeous, complex patterns can range from highly traditional mandalas to more interpretive designs that mix geometric patterns and other symbols. If tattoo meaning or spirituality is important to you, this style may be an important symbol of your personal journey to enlightenment.


heartbeat tattoo

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4. Heartbeats
Many individuals opt to get ink in honor of loved ones, both living and deceased. One increasingly popular way to pay homage to a relative or friend is with a heartbeat tattoo, which may or may not include script. Others select these tattoos for personal reasons, which could include remembering just how fragile life can be. Regardless of reasoning, tattoos of a heart’s EKG can be both minimalist and absolutely stunning.


finger tattoos

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5. Delicate Finger Tattoos
You can blame Rihanna for the edgiest of 2015’s tattoo trends. By tattooing “shhh” on the inside of a finger, there’s been a resurgent interest in hand tattoos. Today’s finger ink isn’t blatant or too noticeable. Instead, many millennials are opting for delicate alchemy symbols, tiny script words, or wedding rings that can easily be covered up. Employer’s attitudes toward this kind of ink can vary, so it’s probably wisest for career-focused ink enthusiasts to consider this trend carefully.


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