5 Fashionable Halloween Costumes You Already Have in Your Closet

by admin

5 Fashionable Halloween Costumes You Already Have in Your Closet
No need to make a mad dash to the thrift shop or costume store this year. Here are five costumes you might not even know you have.

Weekend Update: The Anchorwoman
Ever since Veronica Corningstone showed off her on-air fashion sense Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, I’ve been waiting for a chance to dress up like I’m part of the local network.

What you need:

Dress Pants or Skirt
Suit Jacket
Pile of Paper
A Smile

The Devil is in the Details: Pile on the makeup and grab a pile of paper and you’re ready for primetime.
Summer of Love: The Hippie

Skinny jeans might be the hottest jean trend today, but it wasn’t that long ago that bell bottoms ruled the denim scene. Surely you have at least one pair of bells or flares and now is the perfect time to dust off yours and pay homage to the beloved Hippie.

What you need:
Pair of bell bottom jeans or cords
Tattered T-shirt
Beaded necklace

The Devil is in the Details: Carry around flowers to perfect your whimsical look.


Mission Impossible: The Burglar
If you’re anything like me, you probably have enough black in your closet to outfit not one, but a whole team of burglars. The best part about this costume is that it lends itself to layers, which means you can be warm in even frigid temps.

What you need:

Black turtleneck
Black pants
Black shoes or boots
Black knit cap
Black gloves

The Devil is in the Details: Switch the knit cap to a beret and add cigarette in a holder and BLAMMO, you’re Beatnik instead of Burglar.
Fasten your Seatbelt: The Flight Attendant
For women who work for airlines, there’s really only one thing better than getting to travel for free–the uniform. Somewhere in my fashion dreams, there’s always been an image of the ultra mod Flight Attendant uniform from the 1960’s. Now, I realize that unless you’ve been spending time vintage shopping for 60’s duds, you’d be hard pressed to find anything from that era in your closet. That’s OK, Flight Attendant circa 2010 works just fine.

What you need:
Pencil Skirt
Neck Scarf

The Devil is in the Details: Bust out your favorite rolling luggage to really capture the on-the-go look.
Playing Dress Up: Mad Men Style
I don’t think anyone could argue that without the clothes, the escapism of AMC’s Mad Men wouldn’t be half as much fun. If you ever wondered what you’d look like as Betty or Peggy, now’s your chance.

What you need:

Pencil Skirt
Red Lips
Gloves (if you have ‘em)

The Devil is in the Details: Don’t forget to tease your hair out to there.


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