5 Ultimate Gifts for the Modern Man

by admin

5 Ultimate Gifts for the Modern Man

The modern man is as hard to buy for as any woman, and with a world of options, where do you start? Here are 5 gifts that are guaranteed to make your man smile. You may think he has everything, but no modern gentleman could ever have enough of these items. We’ve broken them down, to suit different personalities, but in reality, any man would be insanely happy to receive any one, or all of these beautiful gifts.

For the Businessman – A Tailored Suit
There is not a more powerful way for a man to display is stature, than by owning and wearing a tailored suit. We’re not talking about made-to-measure suits, which are basically altered suits; we’re talking about 100% unique, made from scratch, bespoke for your man.

Tailored suits are the epitome of style and owning one is, without exception, an aspiration of all modern men.

For the Music Lover – Luxury Headphones
Forget about buying your man a new ipod, or a new tablet – luxury headphones with superior audio quality, and phenomenal looks are the latest must-have musical accessory.Skullcandy headphones have developed these delicious aviator inspired headphones, that will drive any man wild and take him back to his youth.

Be Warned: He may become even more difficult to communicate with than normal.

For the Adventurer – All-in-one Toothpaste, Shampoo, Shower gel & Hand soap
The modern man aims to be environmentally friendly, and live a green lifestyle. He also wants to live out his childhood dreams and works hard to afford those once-in-a-lifetime trips. Dr. Bronners have created a truly unique product which is idea for the eco-minded traveller. It comes in “carry on” sizes which is ideal for travelling light, and are all made with eco-friendly ingredients.
You can brush your teeth with it, wash your hair with it, wash your hands and body with it, and you can travel anywhere with it. You can even help save the world with it.

For the Technology Geek – iPhone 5
There’s nothing better than being the first to have a new technology product. Somehow it makes people stand taller and feel proud that they are among the first, the few and the elite – what modern man doesn’t want to feel that way?

The new iPhone 5 will be released shortly and will offer the best of all mobile devices, squeezed into an even smaller, more beautiful handset. Little is known about new features or functions but it will it will, without doubt, set the world on fire.

For the Connoisseur – Vintage Whiskey Tasting Set
Every man dreams of being able to entertain his guests in style, it’s a natural way of showing wealth and displaying power. It’s not just about having the best, it’s about having knowledge of the best. A man who knows how to taste and talk about fine whiskies, is considered to be wise and sophisticated.Basically, more like James Bond.

Buy your man a tasting selection of rare whiskey and allow him to live out his fantasies – this one would work doubly as well if paired with a tailored suit!