7 Fashion & Beauty Trends to Embrace in 2013

by admin

7 Fashion & Beauty Trends to Embrace in 2013

Out with the old, and in with the new. But wait—not so fast. We’re giving you clear-eyed, full-hearted permission to abandon some of the year’s more, erm, troubling fashion trends. Specifically, weird headgear, spiked boots, drop-crotch harem pants, and festival chic (AKA “the dirty hippie look”) can peacefully fade into oblivion like so many nameless trends of yesteryear that we no longer devote brainspace to. (A good rule of thumb: Ask yourself “WWMKOD?” or “What would Mary-Kate Olsen do?” If the answer is “Wear it out with her sketchy old-man boyfriend!” then toss it in the trash immediately. There are, however, a few trends that are worth holding onto…in 2013 and beyond.

Skinny Jeans
If you’ve been holding out on the grounds that you’re not a size 2 with pin-thin legs, consider yourself schooled and excuse-less. As it happens, skinny jeans made with a bit of stretch (look for Lycra or Spandex on the label), can be much more flattering than wide-leg and boot-cut styles. They lengthen and slenderize legs, not to mention that they look killer with a great pair of heels or boots. If you’re still apprehensive, then I’m sorry to say that skinny jeans aren’t really a trend anymore—at this point they’re just jeans, so you might as well get with it sooner rather than later.

Technicolor denim

If you are still on the regular-wash-jeans train, hop on the express to Colortown, stat. Color is here to stay, and colored jeans are just as versatile as traditional chambray shades.


Bold graphic prints

It’s okay if you’re wary about the future of print-mixing (which we admit may be a flash in the pan), but sprinkling one big, bold print in each outfit is always a great idea. It livens up a monochrome look, and prints are surprisingly flattering. Just avoid big prints on areas you’d rather downplay (like butts), and choose fine dots or florals instead.


Daytime sequins

Everyone deserves to feel fabulous in the daytime, and sequins have come a long way. They no longer say, “I’m on my break from the titty show at the Golden Nugget!” Now they say, “I put on this outfit on purpose—isn’t it divine?”



Not since the invention of the ponytail has there been such a flattering and all-purpose bad-hair-day hairstyle. The luscious thing about topknots is that they’re low-maintenance, foolproof, and look much more formal than the effort it takes to style them.


Bold lips

Don’t have time to do a face full of makeup in the morning? Or constantly touch it up during the day? One bold lipstick can accomplish as much as all other products combined. It instantly perks up a face and makes you look more “done,” even if you’re only wearing a BB cream and mascara.


Envelope clutches

Somewhere between a clutch and a satchel, envelope bags occupy such a special niche in the handbag lineup. They’re great for a job interview because they hold a folio or folder of resumes, they’re great for going out because they aren’t bulky like day bags.