Affordable Fashion For All Seasons

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Affordable Fashion For All Seasons

Money will never be an issue with fashion if you know how to revamp existing clothes. As seasons change, fashion takes different turns that will leave people dry if they keep up with its pace. Buying clothes and accessories can be a pain if after a couple of months an emerging fashion enters the scene.
Practicality is the key to have the latest fashion that will not go out of season while still keeping your heads above water. Here are great ways to lessen the burden on your wallet and still strut the latest and trendiest fashion for all seasons.
Tops that Make Eyes Pop

Tees are a great source of different new tops for both men and women. Cutting off each sleeve will give you a new sleeveless shirt perfect for men’s sports and gym activities or summer and beach outfits for women.
Sexy Tops
Halter-tops and tube tops are also possible to create with an existing tee. For halter-tops, use a pair of scissors to cut the fabric from the collar to each sleeve. It will look like an upside down letter V that ends right at the armpit. Do not to cut the whole collar in order to secure the fabric to your body.
Tube tops can be created by simply cutting the shirt horizontally from each armpit of the sleeves. You can tighten it by using garter or ribbon if you want a snug fit.
Trendy Shirts
Hipster shirts are also making headlines today. To make one, you can use a large shirt that runs mid-thigh and a smaller one that fits your body perfectly with loud strong colored print. On the large tee, cut patterns at the front such as rectangles. Wear the small shirt first and then put on the large tee. The cut rectangles will show off the colored print design of your tee while framing it beautifully.
Quirky Cardigans and Jackets
Cardigans are very popular for young girls. You can cut the long sleeves to make sleeveless or short-sleeved cardigans that are the hype nowadays. Another stylish solution you can do is to cut the cardigan in half and make a brand new bolero jacket.
Trendy Skirts, Shorts, and Dresses from Your Closet
Chic Shorts and Manly Cut Offs
Create new shorts from your existing pants by cutting it based on your length preference. You can have new pedal pushers, knee-high walking shorts, mid-thigh shorts, or even hot pants to go with different tops. What’s even better is the various styles and cuts of pants such as skinny jeans that give a perfect fit to show off curves while cut offs from loose pants are ideal for hiking, camping, and any other physical activity that requires comfortable clothes.
Dress to Impress
Sweaters are a good and economical source of new dresses. If your parents have one, cut off the bottom so that it will run past your mid-thigh but will still be above the knees. Belts and fabrics can be fitted around the waist to give the new dress some shape. Play with the sleeves to get a sleeveless dress, dress shirt, ¾ sleeved dress, or just retain the original length and gather it to your elbows or pull to its full length depending on your taste.
Accessorize to Complete Your New Look
Funky Knickknacks
With a new set of wardrobe, you can go to the next level in fashion through accessories. Headbands, belts, and bracelets can be made from fabrics that you have cut earlier on. Earrings, pendants, and necklaces can be crafted using existing accessories found on clothes such as buttons, beads, ribbons, and laces. Button earrings are the best examples of emerging fashion accessories that costs less compared with other studded bling.
Classy Canes
Fashionable walking canes can also add to your style by providing elegance and sophistication. Most people think of canes as a means of support for their body. While this is true, canes provide numerous benefits that are not restricted to health issues only. Canes can complement your clothes through its design, style, types, and color. The wide array of walking canes provide different options for people that will fit their wardrobe and overall style while still giving the support and protection they need.

Revamping your closet to get a new set of wardrobe is highly recommended especially if you are on a budget. Fashion does not need to be expensive. A keen eye for the latest trends, creativity, and resourcefulness are some of the major keys that can help you get affordable fashion for all seasons.