Are the 80’s back?! Yikes

by admin

Are the 80’s back?! Yikes

I know, fashion repeats! But, one thing I wouldn't want making a comeback would be the fashion of the 80's. Though, I was too young to have actually tried out the 80's clothes, I do know how it looked! I mean, we have all seen it on TV and movies from the eighties. 80's were awesome for music and movies, but in terms of fashion, UGLY. Think Madonna and you will know what I am talking about. Fingerless gloves, perms, neon colors, tube socks!
Well, the good news is 80's are kind of back in style, but thank God, it is a little lot tweaked and polished. So, you can go ahead and try these on without looking like you need a time machine to 2012!

  • Colored denims— Love it!
  • Crop tops—If you are not into baring your tummy, you can pair it with a tank top underneath and layer it.
  • High waisted shorts—got to admit, these look really cute … you can start with a black and white combination. It can never go wrong!                                                             
  • Jeans jacket —Just not the acid wash/over-sized kind but the cute, little, fitted jeans jacket.

You know which trend NOT to follow, right? 🙂

  • Lace is back—And thankfully it's not the 80's see-through lacy tops that tells the whole world the color of your bra, but it's lace at its best like this.    
  • As long as we don't see acid wash jeans, fingerless gloves, prints at  it's worst , Madonna :p and badly permed hair from the 80's make a come back ,we should be good and chic.