The Art of Gift Giving

by admin

The Art of Gift Giving

The holidays are fast approaching and now starts the search for all the perfect gifts.

Gifts should be given with love and pleasure—gift giving is an art. I have always loved to give (and receive) gifts but specifically to give gifts that are special for the recipient.

In my travels over the years, when visiting other cities, I was under-whelmed by the sameness in malls from city to city. All the same chain stores with the same merchandise and nothing unique. Mostly imports with less and less being made in the USA.

I always searched for the small independent boutiques that had the rare find and supported US artists. My holiday shopping would always be done way before the holidays because I would find the perfect gifts for friends in my travels – gifts that were thoughtful and reflective of each friend’s personality. As gifts were presented and opened, it was gratifying to see the enjoyment that they brought because of the thought put into them.

When, I decided to transition into a new career, I realized that I loved to give gifts and I loved things that were creative and unique. So, I opened an eco-conscious specialty boutique that featured gifts, jewelry and wearable art that were Made in the USA, functional art made from recycled and repurposed materials. Each gift is artfully wrapped to make a great presentation.

In our fast paced, computer driven world, where people have little time to shop, I can work with you to find the perfect gift for friends, family or business associates. I will help you put some thought into each gift. Believe me, the recipient can tell when someone rushed to buy a last minute gift just because they had to. Make everyone feel special – give the gift that shows you cared.

So think of me as Ecogal, your gift guru. I will save you time, effort and make you look good!