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Babies and Cats: December’s Hottest Accessories

Accessorizing is hard, and sometimes even the most brilliant fashion editors run out of ideas for how to make yet another holiday dress look fresh and interesting. That’s the only explanation we can come up with for what’s going on with the covers of Vogue Spain and Harper’s Bazaar Brasil this month. The model on the cover of Vogue is awkwardly draped with an anonymous baby and an expression that says, “I’m not really comfortable with this, either,” and the model on Bazaar has a disgruntled-looking cat, that’s clearly trying to evacuate the premise and escape the embarrassment of it all, groping her boob. As contrived and wacky as these covers are, they do stand out among a sea of predictably sparkly, celebrity-driven December covers, and we’ve gotta hand it to Harper’s Bazaar: if you’re going to wear fur, wearing the live animal is probably the most humane way to do it, right? (Ignoring for a moment how upset this cat looks.) A tip for next year, editors: if you place a surly-looking kitten atop an infant’s shoulder, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’re welcome.

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