Baby Got Back: 15 Fashionable Backpacks for Grownups

by admin

Baby Got Back: 15 Fashionable Backpacks for Grownups

Backpacks are a mainstay for their comfortable convenience, but they float in an out of fashion popularity. They’re definitely having a moment right now, so if you’re in the market for a new, stylish backpack we suggest scooping up one of our trendy picks. If you’re toting text books or packing for a weekend away, a fashionable backpack will set you apart from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for stylish sequin backpacks or casual canvas carry-alls, we’ve got your back!

Leather Backpacks
A leather backpack is a great way to try to out the trend at work, and it's especially useful if you have to transport your laptop, paperwork, or other office supplies regularly. Just be sure to follow a few guidelines to keep your backpack sophisticated rather than silly: Choose a hue that won't clash with your work wardrobe, avoid anything that looks too sporty, and opt for a bag with a handle in addition to straps—wearing it from the car to the cubicle on your back is fine, but if you're toting things around the office it's best to avoid looking like you just hopped off the school bus. 

Floral Backpacks
Floral backpacks are your best option for rocking a backpack with your weekend wear. Fill them with summertime necessities like sunscreen, a floppy hat, and a water bottle for a morning at the farmer's market or an afternoon at the beach. These canvas backpacks are lightweight and clean up easily, making them the ideal carry-all for your off-duty days.

Bright Backpacks
Bold, colorful backpacks may not be everyday material, but they're perfect when you need to your bag to stand out. The Topshop Neoprene Backpack is great for carrying around gym clothes and will be easy to spot in the locker room cubbies. Bright backpacks are also a stylish, hands-free option for walking or biking to work: They won't take up any unnecessary space, and the bold hues will call extra attention to your presence on the sidewalk or street.

Embellished Backpacks
Sequin, fringe, and studded backpacks are much trendier than their canvas counterparts—and also a pain in the ass to clean. If you prefer to go the flashier route, be sure to keep these babies away from your outdoor activities (unless you're okay with an extra dry cleaning bill). But just because they aren't durable enough for typical backpack-tivities doesn't mean they aren't practical: These fashion backpacks are perfect for style-savvy students or to leave your arms free to carry a ridiculous amount of shopping bags through the mall. 

Southwest-Inspired Backpacks
Southwestern prints are super trendy right now, and these sturdy canvas backpacks are cute and dependable enough to pack full of sundresses for summer travelling, weigh down with water at an outdoor festival, or tote heavy text books during the school year. The pretty, colorful prints will stand out in a crowd, but picking a basic black-and-white version will make the pattern an easy transition into your spring, summer, and fall wardrobes.