Back To The Future: ’90s Trends Make a Roundtrip

by admin

Back To The Future: ’90s Trends Make a Roundtrip

We’re not sure when the ‘90s became vintage (or how we got so old), but here we are. Fashion and beauty trends of the late 20th century have aged nicely between the days of Blossom and the days of The Big Bang Theory. That said, we vote to keep scrunchies a thing of the past.

Hair: Celebrities like Kirsten Dunst and Penelope Cruz are sporting the exaggerated parts and tousled texture we loved so much on Rayanne from My So-Called Life. If super-straight hair is more your bag, never fear. Balenciaga featured curtains of hair on the runway this fall and folks like Gwyneth Paltrow and Mila Kunis have picked it up.

Heavy eyes: Abandon the smoke and turn back to the thick, black eyeliner you toted around in your Jansport every day in middle school. Heavy liner on both upper and lower lids can lend you the glam goth air you never could quite pull off when you were thirteen. For a Cher-era pout (Clueless, not Sonny), add a bold slash of lipstick.

Heavy lip liner: If you came of age when a pink brown crayon penciled around your lips was de rigeur, you probably spent the following decade training yourself away from the lip liner. Now all that re-education is for naught. Because lip liner is back, baby. Then it was worn with a much lighter shade, but 2012 doesn’t go quite that far. Define your lips, but don’t leave a distinct line. Match your lipstick to the linerand don’t be afraid of a little sheen.

Floaty, floral dresses: Tiffany Amber Thiessen taught us to adore florals. Now, you can slip into a filmy chiffon garden for the first time in fifteen years. Update the look for fall (and 2013) with a pair of high boots and a chunky scarf and enjoy the way the airy fabric swishes around your knees.

Shredded denim: You don’t need to go all Salt ‘n’ Pepa on your jeans. One deconstructed piece is plenty. But you can choose from jeans, denim jacket, coverallswhatever suitsand let it rip.

High-top Reeboks: Oh, yeah. High tops. They’re back. Rainbow bright, but avoiding the blatant neon overtones, the new generation of Reeboks is for the brave of heart and the fleet of foot.

Flannel shirts: Quintessential ‘90s grunge. Everyone wore these. From the cast of Singles to the cast of your high school musical, no one could escape the plaid flannel. Remember how warm and cuddly it was? How many memories you made wrapped in a soft boxy shirt that was at least two sizes too big? Stock up for fall, because comfy just went trendy. Finally.