Bag Bonanza and Other Thrift Store Finds

by admin

Bag Bonanza and Other Thrift Store Finds

My latest visit to my local Goodwill provided me with a bevy of bags. It's like they were just sitting there, hidden on a shelf, just waiting for me to find them. And that I did. With my handy dandy ebay app on my iPhone, I typed in every strange or unrecognizable name to discover that all of these puppies should go for a pretty penny. I know I've seen the fabric/tapestry bags in fancy boutiques. They have no tags so may have been homemade or made by the person who sells them to the fancy boutiques. If anyone has a clue, please pass it on. I paid $3.49 for each and hope to sell them as a lot for around $40. The baby bag up top is by Fleurville in their "Mothership" model and looks virtually unused and includes the changing pad and little zipper bag that are clean as a whistle. I paid $5.49 while retail they fetch as much at $221.00:

Though on eBay they can go for much less, though much more than I paid. In the center we have a Les Olivades purse which is made in France and is likened to a Pierre Deux or Vera Bradley. I paid $2.49 for it and have a good chance of moving that decimal point and getting $24.99 for it, but will probably shoot a bit lower at the outset. To the right of the french bag is a brand new without tag Aeropostale blue and purple messenger bag. Again, I paid $5.49, but hoping to get at least $20 for it. Below that is a Baggallini Hampton Bag, new without tag, completely clean, that retails for $80. Again, I paid another $5.49 and hope to get around $40 for it. Middle center is a Kenneth Cole Reaction Pewter Shoulder bag, again unused. Still more research to do on that one, but it should get me 2 to 3 times its purchase price.

Other items I rounded up on the same trip included a five men's shirts, four of which were orange tag and 1/2 off. My son loves the Mini Boden Chimp with Tie shirt and my daughter loves the white bud vases she'll use in her room, yes, even though they're from Goodwill because she doesn't have to wear them.

And for good measure, I rounded out my week at my favorite thrift store and found a few awesome finds. The two pairs of Mizuno baseball pants, perfect color with perfect color stripe for my son at $1.98 each, I don't want to think what I would have paid in a sporting goods store. I also got him a pair of Tony Hawk jeans and a cool white graphic T-shirt, the kind he always wears. For my daughter (I know, she won't wear them) I found the peach Abercrombie & Fitch sweater, the cute green and pink sundress and the colorful striped scarf. For myself I found the Banana Republic Jeans, the super cute Charter Club sweater (not usually my brand of choice, but it is a really cute sweater), and the J.Jill Crocheted Sweater that I may just eBay, but it was too cute to pass up. And the black Nine West cowboy boots – they were 50% off and I still ended up paying $20, but well-worth it in my opinion. I also found the vintage Lenox handbag. It looks almost new inside and out though the top is a bit tarnished, it was only $1.98. I also found the awesome Italian mold (I've been looking for one because they line the ceiling in my kitchen). Normally these molds can go for $10-$20 on ebay, more than I want to pay because I keep waiting to find one in a garage sale, though I never do. This one was $1.98. Also, the Muppet Sesame Street Grover and Oscar Sesame Street Playscool cars which I love and love to collect, though they're very hard to find. I paid $1.98 for them in a bag with some other Hot Wheels cars. They can go for up to $10 on eBay. And the Jerry Garcia doll, I paid $1.98 for him, too, knowing I could sell him for $10 or more. And the little bunny was 45¢. I was out of there for $70 (mostly due to those cowboy boots). With my rationalizing logic, that's $5 an item. Take out the boots, that's $3.33 an item, not too shabby.