A Bag to Ease Your Fear of Carrying Condoms. Wait, What?

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A Bag to Ease Your Fear of Carrying Condoms. Wait, What?

Emerging handbag designer Maggie Kervick has teamed up with fully emerged penis haberdasher LifeStyles Condoms to bring you a line of condom purses, which will definitely not impregnate your arm.

The line consists of a $55 tote, a $25 cosmetics bag, and a $20 wristlet, none of which are made with actual condoms, phew, because the friction from carrying a bunch of stuff would ruin them and that would mess with everybody's heads now wouldn't it?

Promoted under the I'm Covered Campaign, the bags are intended to encourage women not to be afraid to carry condoms. As Kervick, a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, explains in her press release, “I’m hoping to break down the stereotype that if a guy has a condom he is considered ‘prepared,’ but if a girl has a condom she is considered a ‘tramp.’”

Which got us wondering: is it really a stigma for women to carry condoms? If it is, that's a serious thing. But also, we are just wondering, in our we-need-a-post-on-Good-Friday-when-no-one-else-is-working navel-gazey way, how would such a stigma functionally work? That is, how would anyone know if you're carrying a condom in the first place, unless you are carrying it in a bag that looks like it's made from a bunch of condoms? It seems like the only person in a position to know would maybe be too interested in actually having sex to start slinging epithets.

One thing is for sure, though: that tote would make a helluva diaper bag.

Photo: Living in SKYN Tote, BagsByMags.com.