Bargain Beauty: Cool New Applicators to Perk Up Your Makeup Bag

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Bargain Beauty: Cool New Applicators to Perk Up Your Makeup Bag

Apparently in the cosmetic world, you can make an old formula do new tricks—by pairing it with an innovative new applicator. We admit we were intrigued by some of L’Oreal’s new and funky-looking makeup brushes—they’ve just come out with never-before-seen applicators for three products that piqued our interest.

For Face: True Match powders and foundations L’Oreal classics. Now, though, they’re changing it up with the True Match roller ($12.79), a device that looks just like a mini wall painter. The idea behind the roller is that it gives the most even, controlled application without leaving behind that pesky mask-like line around your jaw and forehead.

For Eyes: The wand on L’Oreal’s Telescopic Explosion mascara ($7) may look like some sort of medieval torture device, but in actuality, this spiky, roundish brush is the ideal shape for amping up those hard-to-reach corner lashes, which is pretty cool, considering usually we can’t even see them. Sexy retro cat eyes have never been so easy to pull off.

For Lips: The teardrop-shaped brush that inside L’Oreal’s Infallible Plumping Lipgloss ($9.99) is, in a word, better than a normal wand. The heart-shaped applicator lets you line and define lips, while the tiny reserve of gloss that sits in the center is the perfect amount for one application, so you’re never wasting gloss on a gooey smile you have to blot two seconds later.

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