To Be Continued …

by admin

To Be Continued …

Imagine All The People…

At age 45, and standing at one of life’s crossroads, and realizing there is not much time left in my life to do the things I had always dreamed of combined with setting an example as a responsible parent.

For example I have always wanted to sky dive and I will never follow through with such a dangerous quest since having two young children, I’ve turned chicken.
In truth, no matter what their age, it’s their lives, which will always prevent me in partaking in any risky behavior.

Let’s face it, if I jumped from a plane with nothing but a “Le Sport Sac” for a parachute I would be hauled (happily) off by my husband and declared insane (finally) – however, I can undertake other adventures equally exhilarating and with as much fortitude and thirst for adventure without fear of such penalties!

I’ll admit that based on my shapeless figure and saggy muscles that at this point in my life I am much better suiting bungee jumping into a “Sale” bin at Century 21, in New York, while using a Le Sport Sac handbag as a protective back up for a parachute-
Laugh now, but, I will be the winner of something, anything that just may be 75 percent off!

Imagine dropping from center ceiling of the department store and landing into a bin and “Whoopie!” – I have succeeded in a parallel quest!

I will have dived into a virtual danger zone of frenzied women in search of whatever it is in the sale bin and voila – I survived the unpredictable, and with an incredible discount prize! Of course I’ll buy it!

Seriously, I think Century 21 and other department stores could gain from this idea.

To be continued…