Be Unique with Vintage Clothing from the 80s

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Be Unique with Vintage Clothing from the 80s

Remember the 80s? Ronald Reagan was president, Michael Jackson was still becoming the King of Pop, and clothing was colorful, unique, and of a style that is no longer seen in regular retail stores. Those dresses, jackets, jeans, and accessories are now considered vintage clothing and wearing them today can give you a distinctive look that will make you seem cutting edge.

Fashions come back around every twenty years or so but the 80s were so different from any other decade that most of the clothing will not be trendy again any time soon. Those years were a time when America was recovering from the scandals of Watergate and the horrors of Vietnam. Music was sappy and romantic and movies were campy. Theaters were filled with the sounds of laughter from films like Ghostbusters and The Breakfast Club.

Vintage dresses from the 80s are now being sold everywhere in a rainbow of colors including  pinks, reds, blues, and pastels. High collars and hems above the knees are pretty much standard and seem to fit just fine in today’s business or social world. They worked back then and they are still making a strong showing today.

And what about Ferris Bueller? If you watch it today you might still be impressed by the slick dialogue and creative characters, but have you ever looked at the clothing fashions in the film? Some of the styles worn by Ferris and friends are being sold as new designs for hundreds of dollars today. Do those of you who are buying them know that you can purchase them as vintage clothing for a fraction of the cost?

That doesn’t just apply to the mainstream styles. In 1984, a film called Streets of Fire was released starring Michael Pare, Diane Lane, and Rick Moranis. Billed as a “Rock and Roll Fairy Tale,” it surprised many with it’s popularity and broad appeal to all generations. The fashions seen in that movie are available today in vintage clothing stores and are considered some of the more popular attire for retro and back to the 80s parties.

Films and music back in the 80s, just like they do today, set the tone for what was in style and what wasn’t. Cindy Lauper’s wardrobe was pretty eclectic, but Belinda Carlisle wore what are now some of the most sought after vintage dresses. As a matter of fact, all of the styles from the 80s are still available today as vintage clothing. Try something different. If you’re really looking to be unique, wear something the world hasn’t seen in twenty-five years.