Bend, Twist, Illuminate

by admin

Bend, Twist, Illuminate

Have you ever put a flashlight in your mouth so you could use both hands to fix something in a dark corner? Or asked a three-year old to hold a flashlight steady while you tried to make a fix? The Gorillatorch flashlight from Joby can put an end to that. Its clever design combines an LED light source with three strong magnetic feet and flexible legs that you can bend and twist to secure the light to a tree branch, bed post or under the hood of your car. A rubberized ring and foot grips help hold the Gorillatorch steady and also prevent it from scratching paint or damaging any surfaces.

The same flexible legs are part of Joby’s Gorillapod camera tripod, which we wrote about back in February. Both products showcase the inventiveness of Joby founder JoeBen Bevirt, whose passion for engineering has inspired him to do all kinds of cool things, like build robots that help cancer researchers and explore renewable energy sources.

One of the things we like best about Gorillatorch is its dimmer feature, which lets you control the level of brightness depending on the task at hand. You may want all the light you can get if you’re working under the hood of a car, for example, or less light if you’re reading in bed. If you straighten out the legs, Gorillatorch also works like a conventional handheld flashlight. For camping, home repairs, nighttime reading, flashlight tag, or maybe even a walk in the jungle, the Gorillatorch flashlight puts you in control. Here, there and everywhere you need light, Gorillatorch delivers.