The Best Accessory

by admin

The Best Accessory

Last week my friend told me she was skipping her husband’s annual office picnic this year. She said she’d gained at least five to ten pounds since the last time she saw his co-workers, and couldn’t handle their judging eyes. She also said she would never want to “embarrass” her husband. WHAT? I couldn’t believe my ears. Here is a smart, beautiful, fun woman who is missing a party because of a little weight gain? 

I can’t honestly say I don’t understand. I used to feel the exact same way. I had been on the dieting wheel of frustration for so long, losing and gaining the same thirty, forty, fifty, pounds, it was exhausting. And the parties were the worst. I loved going when my weight was “down” and dreaded them when my weight was “up.” It wasn’t until I realized I’m more than a silly number on the scale that I started to truly love myself and take care of myself.

But, I know it can be a vicious cycle, if you don’t say, “Enough is enough!” And, “enough” would definitely be categorized as missing a party because of a number! The way we feel is reflected in the image that we put out there into the world, so if we feel bad, we won’t likely be an attractive conversation partner. As a matter of fact, if we feel bad, we may shrink into a corner to avoid real conversation at all costs, right? Or, we may overcompensate, and make fun of ourselves or put ourselves down for a laugh. Neither is a good option! Instead, this summer party season, let your best self shine through!

A Smile Is Our Best Accessory
Forget about the notion that you have to look a certain way when you go to parties or to impress people. Impress yourself first, and you will be irresistible to everyone! Live the best version of your life possible. Do things that bring you real joy. People are attracted to those who are happy and content! Decide to be happy, and let your face show it!

If that’s not enough to get you to grin and go to the party, here’s something else to consider: smiles are slimming! There are two reasons why our smiles are slimming. First, and most importantly, our energy is contagious, and we look amazing when we are confident, happy, and interested in learning about other people! Second, a big smile also can slim your face, because naturally our cheeks go up, causing a more oval-like appearance. A glum expression causes our face to sag, and the “puppy dog” droopy face can appear a little rounder.