Best Fall Fashion Blogs 2012

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Best Fall Fashion Blogs 2012
Blog your way into looking amazing this fall. Rather than spending hours walking the halls of department stores trying to figure out what to buy, let your fingers do the work. These highly rated fashion blogs provide everything you need to look your best come September.
In addition, before going into your closet and discarding, or giving it that familiar "I have nothing to wear," look, glance through these websites for fresh ideas on how to use what you already own, buy only the essentials and cut down on cost.
Often times, you can find that two hundred and fifty dollar pair of trendy jeans for a lot less at your local department store and still achieve a chic look by blending styles.
Fashion Squad gives you a glimpse into how people are dressing all through Europe. Armed with ideas, visit your favorite budget friendly stores and replicate the image. The magic in looking as though you have your own stylist is blending and combining. Whether it is throwing on boyfriend jeans with a pair of high hells, tank top and cardigan or a printed dress with flats and a blazer, blending and combining makes a wardrobe stand out. Colors and prints are big this year, nearly anything goes.
Garance Dore is an French illustrator who started her fashion blog in 06 and has amassed an enormous following. Her whimsical attitude paired with the latest trends will give you many ideas on how to dress. She will guide you through each season on how to pair the right shoes with the right slacks for the right occasion. Garance mainly uses photographs to showcase her style, providing you with loads of inspiration.
Thesartorialist is also out of France, created by the wonderful photographer Scott Schuman who happens to be romantically partnered with Garance, this blog is an endless stream of “on the street” photographs from around the world that provide a continuous flow of fashion ideas and trends.
Both Dore and Schuman have blown up in the fashion blogosphere and are considered must haves on your browser. Where Scott photographs "street style" inspiration, Garance arranges the look, then photographs. Together they collaborate and the result is two websites providing infinite inspiration.
Style is another popular website that allows you to see what fashion trends are coming before they arrive. Arm yourself before heading to the department store. Style.com is a genuine time saver and like the others, has it's own flair providing the reader with whimsical ideas on keeping fashion fun. This blog also has a fall shopping guide from anything from shoes to lipstick.
Cupcakes is a scrumptious website that combines today’s fashion with mouth watering food. Learn how to make a perfect strawberry bonbon while browsing the latest trends. There is also a “how to” section for perfecting an outfit. They have recently added a “décor” section giving tips on home improvement, ranging from giving your stale apartment a fun makeover to smaller ideas such as where to find the best lavender candles without spending a fortune.
Fashiontoast lays out gorgeous photographs, using short stories to create a mood for a particular look. You will find an abundance of ideas on mixing and matching what you may already own. There is a sense of freedom found on this website with it's "travel-blog" approach to fashion. For example, pull on a pair of capris, throw on a colorful T-shirt, simple flats, and a beret. Voila. A casual yet chic look for the afternoon. The website takes the reader through every seasonal change and also provides hot links to suppliers.
The Blonde Salad is a captivating blog created by a 24- year old Italian student with a great eye for fashion detail. Skewed slightly younger, she combines a sense of flare and humor to everything she presents, whether it’s a fresh take on what to wear for a job interview or perfecting a casual yet alluring outfit for an exciting first date. There are pages and pages of ideas she keeps updated to suit the every changing fashion mood.
Whowhatwear basically has it all. A curated style blog that follows trends and the celebrities that wear them. If you don’t feel like picking up every fashion magazine each month, just come here. There is also a unique twist to all the latest fashion trends. Perfect for the on-the-go-lifestyle.
For more incredible websites to peruse, bloglovin has culminated the webs top fashion blogs and put them together according to popularity. These blogs step out of the usual comfort zone and add a sense of sass and style to an otherwise been-there-done-that outfit.
Step out into fall looking your best!