The Best of this Season’s Leather Trend

by admin

The Best of this Season’s Leather Trend

Leather has always been—and probably always will be—a key component of any winter wardrobe. But this season, it seems we’re getting an even heavier dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll. From revised motorcycle jackets and leather-trimmed tees to all manners of perforated and paneled, there’s something for everyone this fall.

Leather Accented

Whether it’s a simple wool crewneck with patches at the elbows or an A-line skirt with just a trimmed hem, leather accented-pieces are everywhere this fall, making the trend very manageable. The minimal amount of leather means there’s less commitment and, often times, these pieces are suitable for even the most conservative environments.


Depending on the cut and style, leather dresses can look either downright domineering or sleek and chic. Consider a corset dress with a peplum waist for a night on the town then opt for a streamlined sheath for sophisticated, daytime wear.


Delicate, laser-cut perforation magically turns an otherwise tough-looking piece into pretty perfection.  


Combining leather with different fabrics like knit, jersey, suede and cotton turns up the rich texture effect and adds a laid-back quality to any look.


I’d say that leather skirts run neck and neck with the jacket as being the easiest way to integrate leather into any wardrobe. While there is definitely a range of cuts, styles, colors, and lengths right now, the midi is really hitting the leather a high note by making it stylish and not one bit sleazy.



This might be a bold statement, but honestly, I don’t think there’s a pair out there right now that I wouldn’t wear. Leather pants are hot, hot, hot and, lucky for anyone with an extra $400-$800 laying around, available in every color and texture imaginable. Just remember to balance them with a silky, feminine blouse or a plush sweater for more ladylike and less Evel Knievel.


Probably the most timeless piece in the bunch, the leather jacket holds steady as leader of the pack. This season, we’re seeing everything from dropped shoulders with sculpted collars to distressed and double breasted. And unless you decide to be inspired by Beat It, you’re practically guaranteed a life-long return on investment no matter what you decide to go with.

Faux Leather

Lastly, I simply must address the elephant in the room—leather is expensive. But fret not. If you want to try some of this season’s leather trends, but have no desire at all to drop a huge chunk of change, you can always turn to faux leather. Pleather, as its also called, is far cheaper and sometimes looks just as good as the real thing.