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Bloggers to Walk the Runway in Fashion Week

It’s official: fashion bloggers are taking your job. (If you’re a top-tier high-fashion model, that is; otherwise, don’t worry.) Twenty-one top fashion and beauty bloggers will be walking in the first-ever all-blogger runway show hosted by Polyvore to coincide with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week next Monday. The event will stream live from their website and the chosen bloggers will be wearing clothes designed by FIT graduates Dana-Maxx, Lauren Bagliore, Gavaskar, and Celestino. And to think, these girls didn’t even have to learn how to smize to become top models! For a complete list of featured bloggers, visit Refinery 29.

From left: Sergio Guadarrama of Celestino, Colby Jordan of Minnie Muse, Nadia Sarwar of Frou Frouu, Claire Geist of de lune, Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty, Dylana Suarez of Color Me Nana, and Vengsarkar “Ven” Budhu of Gavaskar.

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