Boyfriend Jeans

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Boyfriend Jeans

Don’t panic, having a boyfriend is not required in order to wear these jeans. But the term “boyfriend jeans” does refer to the over-sized, slouchy nature of men’s jeans. To make this trend work for you be sure to pick a pair that are straight leg and don’t forget to roll them up. Vintage washes are the best and look great with practically everything. A little boyish charm goes a long way—even on a girl.

boyfriend jeans. – by Bomchickawahwah:P on Polyvore.com

Casual – by BellaMarie on Polyvore.com

in your boyfriend’s pants – by liane marie on Polyvore.com

NEVER LEAVE YOUR HEART ALONE – by fishes on Polyvore.com

tigers, bows, boyfriend jeans, and fedoras oh my! – by Bomchickawahwah:P on Polyvore.com

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